Should Rick Perry resign as governor of Texas to run for president?

Watching Perry’s speech at the RedState gathering, I noticed that one of his biggest lines, the one that he seemed to really throw himself into, with a big grin, was “..when I decide to really do something, I go all in..”

OK Governor, if we take you at your word, then why not resign as governor to run full time for the WH?

I’m not saying to quit immediately; but maybe in a few months, or possibly another way..announce after Labor Day that you’ll be stepping down at the end of the year, to focus full time on your WH campaign.

Remember, in your last election, you were initially far behind Kay Bailey Hutchinson. One of the first things that turned voters against her was when she broke her promise to resign from her Senate seat to run against you. She didn’t, and it hurt her..badly..

There are two really good reasons why you should consider stepping down:

You remove yourself from proximity to anything that might occur in Texas over the next 16 months. You have  very positive record of accomplishments…don’t risk anything tarnishing it.

Also, it gives your Lt. Governor something to do.  Instead of running for the Senate, he’ll be thrilled to move into the governor’s office earlier than he hoped for.  And that would probably guarantee that Ted Cruz will be the nominee, and the next US senator freom Texas.