Watch the clip of Nikki Haley speaking at RedState, and ask yourselves,right now, if your choice was between Palin and Haley, who would it be?

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way. If the GOP manages to once again shoot itself in the foot, be the Stupid Party one more time, and lose the WH, then Nikki Haley should be the odds on morning-line favorite for 2016.

I am NOT suggesting that she should run now. No way. She has made a promise, a committment to the people of South Carolina who elected her, and she has much to accomplish in the state.

Take 30 minutes. Watch and listen to the video posted by Erick. It’s a bravura performance.

In watching this speech ( as I have many of her earlier addresses) it’s obvious the lady is a natural.  BIG TIME!! She’s a gifted speaker, polished..in command of her facts, and in control of her audience. She is comfortable in her own skin, she knows exactly who she is. 

Let me disabuse any of you who think that this diary is in any way a knock on Palin. It’s not. I greatly admire the lady.  In 2008 she was thrust into the national spotlight from way out in left field, was savaged by the MSM from day one, and yet has managed to survive, and thrive.. Since then she has grown, matured, as a public persona. The image, which is all important, has been carefully calibrated, yet she is also still true to her core beliefs and principles.

And I think that, as of right now,  she’s leaning towards entering the GOP race. It’s a brilliant campaign strategy, and it could well work.  I used to hope that shedoes  decide to toss her hat into the ring. It would energize the conservative base, and be good for the GOP as a whole.

But we are talking about the first female to possibly be nominated for the Presidency.  We’ve seen endless examples of the double standard that the left, the MSM uses when confronted with strong, conservative women. We know what awaits the first female Republican candidate for the WH.

Right now, considering that on the issues, they are both on the same page, it’s then fair, and indeed necessary to ask ourselves which one would be the better candidate..better able to reach out, excite, and communicate with the electorate.

And if you feel that the answer is Nikki Haley, then it’s a fair question, indeed, a necessary question….to ask: should Palin run?