Memo to Pawlenty: The last presidential candidate to have his picture taken mowing a lawn was Mike Dukakis

Note: I’ve search in vain for the pic, but no lick. Maybe someone else can find it and attach to this diary.

The Dukakis campaign is best ( or perhaps “worst” is more appropriate) remembered for the following:

1. The picture of Mikey in the tank, with the ill fitting helmet atop his head.

2. The “Willie Horton” story

3. His response to the question of, if his wife Kitty were raped and murdered, would he want the death penalty for her killer..( “not necessarily”)

But there was one more pic. Dukakis was always viewed as cold, aloof, an automaton of sorts…the manchild of the then “Massachussets miracle.”  He had trouble exciting crowds.

To make him seem human, his campaign tried to depict him as just a regular guy, who even mowed his own lawn.

And we have a picture to prove it…Dukakis, wearing a three piece suit, shirt and tie ( buttoned up) and wing-tip, pushing a little mower across the lawn.  And frowning.  Probably the only person in America to ever mow his lawn dressed like that.

Pawlenty may have inadvertently stumbled across his own problem last night..he can’t excite people..get them to like him.