$$$$ ain't necessarily everything. If $8 million couldn't buy a state senate seat in Wisconsin, can $ 1 BILLION buy the WH?

Well, it’s GOOD news this morning. The Wisconsin GOP won 4 of the 6 seats on the recall ballot, and held the Senate, thus enabling Scott Walker to continue reforming the state government.

It’s estimated that $15 million + was poured into the recall drive by the Dems, ( and that’s not counting the value of countless union boots on the ground.) The lion’s share, over $ 8 million, was spent trying to oust Alberta Darling, the Dem’s admitted “crown jewel” on their hit list. She won, comfortably. Her opponent garnered 34,000 votes, so that’s a cost per vote of $235. For a LOSING state senatorial race? Really?

The Dems had worked themselves into a lather in Wisconsin, after Walker’s reforms passed. They had the people behind them..or so they convinced themselves….everyone supported the government workers unions.. well..just not quite.

And let’s not forget..this is the left’s SECOND time at trying this kind of targeted electoral money bomb. Admittedly, the first shot, trying to unseat Arkansas Sen Blanche Lincoln, was an intramural affair)  but you’d think they might have learned a tad something from it. But nooooo.

So now, we go on to Ohio and Michigan this fall, trying a mixture of ballot initiatives and recalls.  Then maybe, early nest year, they’ll work themselves into another lather, and try and recall Walker..

This is a BIG problem for the Dems. If they keep on losing, it’s going to be an early indicator of what’s to be expected next November.  Yet they really can’t stop it..the local base is rabid…and fired up, and the  Dem political leadership can’t put the kibbosh on it.

It’s like the old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland films…Instead of “Hey kids, let’s put on a show,”…it’s “Hey hippies/unionistas, let’s put on a RECALL!!!” I mean..who on the left could resist that…march, sit in, chant, shout,……t’s “Glory Days!!”

We’ve been told  early-on the Dems’ strategy  two-pronged for re-electing Obama:

1. Raise a BILLION

2. Use it to smear the GOP nominee like never before.

As has been pointed out elsewheres, they may NOT be able to raise all the $$$, and whatever $$ they do have, well, they may not be able to fool the American people a second time..