How many more Benedict Arnolds ( er..Ray LaHoods) are left in Congress?

Primary is a verb. Never forget that.

Watching the news this morning, we were treated to the spectacle of Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood totally carrying water for Obama and the Democrats. He can’t even be called a RINO anymore ..he’s so way past that.

I’m not here to waste time  complaining about LaHood’s incessant whining. Rather, we need to remember that this was a SEVEN TERM GOP congressman, and a reported close friend and confidant of House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

He first ran for Congress in 1994, for the seat of the  retiring Bob Michel, quite likely the worst minority leader of the 20th century.

LaHood was one of only three GOP House candidates in 1994 who refused to sign the Contract with America. And one of only a few to vote against the Patriot Act.

He retired after the GOP sustained major losses in 2008, the became Obama’s SecTrans..the Norman Minetta of the administration..( and a stupid trend to faux bipartisanship that the next Republican president will hopefully end)

It’s probably just as well that Republicans are going to take it on the chin in this year’s Illinois redistricting…Illinois is losing a seat, but the way the Dems in the state legislature have gamed it, the GOP may lose control of up to 5 seats. Could be no big deal…the Dems are actually weeding out a few more RINOs for us.

But there are many more LaHoods still in the House, masquerading as Republicans. They need to go..the just concluded debate on the national debt has made that abundantly clear.

So remember, PRIMARY is indeed a verb..