The as-yet unanswered (heck, not-even as-yet asked question): What will be the size of the NEXT debt ceiling increase in 2013?

Everything that’s wrong with the current debt ceiling deal has already been said here, many times over. However, to  all those who proudly state that: 1)The GOP won, 2) It’s the best deal we could get, 3) we’ve changed the culture of spending in DC, or some combination of the above, I’d like to hear what you have to say to the following query?

What are you going to do in 2013 when we hit the debt ceiling again?

For it’s inevitable that’s going to happen. Spending has NOT been reduced..we’re doing Washignton math with smoke and mirrors. The economy will not get better in the next 18 months. We may still suffer a downgrade, and the attendent rise in interest rates and borrowing costs that will ensue.

The GOP should hold the House, and take the Senate.  Whether or not Obama wins reelection,  the WH in 2013 will have to go to the well again, only BIG TIME..WE wil be looking at a national debt of $20 TRILLION and no end in sight to the upward spiral.

I defy anyone to tell me how this will NOT occur. And then what will we do. We will have squander nearly $10 trillion of wealth in the 4 years of Obama presidency.

Every statement by so-called conservatives who support this terrible deal can be recycled. And what, just what will they tell us then?