Hey Boehner..how is the bill "bipartisan" if both Pelosi and Reid say that not ONE Dem will vote for it?

Just finished watching the Speaker’s presser about the bill.  And for the first time since this all started, I’m mad, really mad. I’m willing to allow that others may sinceely believe that the best option is to pass the bill, but what I won’t tolerate is being treated like I’m an idiot.

 Boehner must have referred to the bill as “bipartisan” at least half a dozen times.  Hello!!! Before, during, and after he spoke, bothe Reid and Pelosi reiterated their earlier statements that “not ONE Democrat will vote for this bill.”<P>

 Mr. Speaker, you looked dumb, stupid, and worst of all weak..very week. Compared to your forceful, direct comments when you rebutted Obama earlier this week, this time you looked and sounded soft….almost pleading.

It was a lousy performance.

BTW..anyone else notice who was NOT there on the podium? Jim Jordan, head of the RSC..