The awful NEW MATH of Boehner's proposal: First year savings of $ 7 billion on a $ 4 TRILLION budget. Dude, that's like only TWO TENTHS of ONE %

During the recent debt ceiling debates, Republicans are fond of repeating that the federal government must learn to live within its means, like any family or small business. No funny accounting, no tricks. True, absolutely true.

Too bad that the just-pulled Boehner plan didn’t live up to that simple requirement. OTOH, maybe that’s why the House conservatives held the line, and refused to go along.

Let’s do the math. ( Note: I’m purposely using round numbers here..let’s not quibble, OK?)

Current budget: $4 trillion

First year cuts under Boehner’s plan: $ 2 billion

Percentage cut from budget: .2%  (THAT’S RIGHT!  2/10 OF ONE %…ARE  THEY KIDDING?)    That’s for the current year..the only one that matters..forget all the so-called “out” years..

 Now let’s examine they average American family. The median family household income is $ 50,000. Let’s assume that total deductions ( FICA, FWH, SWH, medical) are 20% of gross, or $10k

That means that the net take home pay is $ 40k annually, or $ 800/week.

So this family has fallen on difficult financial times. It decided to tighten its belt, cut back on  unnecesary expenditures. What families do when times are tight.

They decide to apply the same rigorous math that Boehner did , when he came up with his plan. That’s right, they’re gonna commit to saving .2%. Hey, if it’s good enought for the House Republicans, it’s gotta be good enough for them, right?


So, they’re going to cut back a grand total of $ 1.60 a week. WOW!!!

That’s ONE bottle of water, or a bunch of bananas,, or one less cup of coffee, or…

And they’re well on their way to restoring financial order to their lives..Yup..f’sure..