Obama has a new gig..WH press spokesman

Anyone watching Obama’s latest cameo at the WH breifing room is surely taken by how very unpresidential he seems. He’s starting to crack a bit under the pressure. He’s whining, petulant..complaining to the MSM that big bad Boehner picked up the ball and went home..won’t play anymore.

In short, he sounds like..Jay Carney.

Boehner made a statement, announcing that talks were over..brief, forceful, direct…Obama runs out minutes later to the WH press room.

Offering the “tick-tock” to reporters….presidents don’t talk like that..press room staffers do.

Now he’s complaining about talk radio, and silly pledges that congressmen signed.

His voice is cracking..the pressure and strain is showing..

Keep it up Boehner..