Obama's choice: Spend $ 900k for a study about the size of gay mens' penises, or send 750 retirees their Social Security checks?

Obama is attempting to present the current debt crisis as a Hobson’s choice. If he doesn’t get a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling, then checks won’t go out next month. We have to change that perception, make the SAmerican people realize that Obama does in fact, have chocies. The problem is, all the ones he’s making are wrong, and bad for the economy and the couintry.

President Obama has stated several times that unless Congress increases the debt ceiling, he’s “not sure” if Social Security checks will go out next month.  The MSM is giving him a complete pass on that statement. The GOP is attempting to explain to the American people that the statement is wrong; that there is plenty of money coming into the US Treasury.

According to recent polls, their message is NOT getting through.

Therefore, we need to reshape that message.

Some 53 million Americans receive Social Security checks each month. The average amount is $1200.

Given the money coming into the government each month, it’s Obama’s choice, as the head of the Executive branch of government, to decide how those resources are allocated. It’s his choice. So, it’s fair game  to point out the merits of some of those choices.

$ 900k  spent for a study of how penis size impacts sexual preferences of gay men.  Or, he could have made sure that 750 Americans receive their SS checks next month.

The Pentagon and CIA jointly spent $ 11 million on “psychics” to see if they had any special insight into foreign threats. (The “Stargate” program…see..there is room to cut in the DoD).  That’s 92,000 SS checks next month that could go out.

$ 187k was spent to study the “quality of life” in Hawaii. That’s 155 more checks that could definitely go out.

I’m sure each of you has your own favorite example of the most egregious waste. The list would be a long one.

You’re starting to get the point.

For decades, conservatives, and even some liberals  ( Sen Proxmire) have long pointed out the incrediuble waste in government spending. We laugh, and some cry,  at the idiocies our tax dollars are funding. But nothing changes.

Now, it’s starting to change. People are finally noticing. And the politicans can’t just keep going to the well, because the well has run dry.

But the BEST way to get people to notice, to pay attention, is to make them aware what this incredible waste, the vast boondoggle of uncontrolled federal spending, means to them.

In 1970, the federal budget was $ 195 BILLION. The population of the USA was 203 million. So, government spending PER citizen was $ 960

In 2010, the federal budget was  $3.55o TRILLION. The population had grown to 309 million. So, government spending PER citizen was $ 11,500.

That’s an interesting metric to contemplate.

Just WHAT are they spending it on?