Obama's Libyan adventure: Longer than the battle for Okinawa, coming up on the time line for Guadalcanal

In case you weren’t paying attention, tomorow, July 19th, will mark the FOUR MONTH anniversary of Obama’s little excursion into Libya; to remove Qadafi, but NOT to remove him…or..whatever.

By comparison, the battle for Okinawa lasted 82 days.  Libya’s now just about 120 days duration. Guadalcanal was 190 days.

Warfare today is different, vastly different. That’s a given. But what is unchanged is that warfare, the use of military force, our blood and treasure, is a  projection of our national will.

But when we turn that into a “kinetic military action” or decide that we’re going to “lead from behind,”  and we allow a tin pot terrorist dictator to hang on, thumb his nose at us, we are losing status as a world power.

This is Obama’s war; despite his attempting to hide it under the NATO umbrella. NATO can’t exist, let alone DO anything, without the US military. Indeed, if “NATO” can’t defeat a rag-tag Libyan army, then perhaps we need to rethink our relationship to NATO. It serves NO purpose.

The cost of the Libyan campaign  to all participants, by most estimates,  is now well over $ 1.5 TRILLION and counting.  And that’s even BEFORE we add in all the $$ that will be spent to rebuild the country, when combat finally ends.

Given that Libya’s population is some 6 million, we would have been far better off, and also more much more humanitarian, had we announced on March  19th, that if all Libyans would lay down their arms, just drive into the desert and stack them up, abandon them… instead of dropping bombs, we’d then  drop $ ONE TRILLION in $100 bills all over the countryside during the next six months. Every day, the cargo planes take off, fly low and slow, drop the tail doors, and shovel the money out the back.. Or maybe bundles of cash attached to cute little parachutes…like they used to drop candy and toys to children during the Berlin Airlift.

According to my calculations, that’s about $170,000 for every man, woman child, and probably goat and camel in the  entire country. Heck, we could probably have gotten away for as little as $ 100 BILLION. That would still instantly make Libya the  RICHEST country per capita in all of Africa.

Think about it…the modern day equivalent of “beating swords into plowshares.” Instead of fighting..it would be a nation-wide scavenger hunt. We’d have24/7  satellite/cable  imagery of Libyans dropping their weapons, hugging each other, and running  along the “shores of Tripoli.”

If not for the tragedy of tens of thousands of rebels and civilians getting killed, with no end in sight, Obama;s war today more closely resembles “The Mouse That Roared.”

For those not familar, it’s a classic Peter Sellers film. The Duchy of Grand Fenwick, a poor, central European principality, decides to solve its financial problems by declaring war on the USA, because America always rebuilds and restores the nations it defeats in war. They send yeoman, armed with bows and arrows, to attack NYC, to then quickly surrender, and negotiate a peace.

Or, consider the great WW II era comedy, “Operation Petticoat.” Cary Grant stars in the story of a “pink submarine.”  In one scene, they launch a torpedo attack, and one torpedo runs ashore, and , as Grant exlaims, “sinks a TRUCK!”

That is what we are doing now in Libya. There is no aim, direction, purpose, strategy, or leadership. And it is criminal, if not impeachable,  for our President to be committing US forces in such a cavalier, thoughless mannner.

All things considered, Peter Sellers is starting to look pretty statesmanlike right about now.