Meet Obama's latest political guru: Harold Camping

Harold Camping’s notoriety largely comes from predicting, and predicting, and prediciting, and yet again predicting,  the End of Days, the date the world as we know it, ends. First time, it was 5/21/1988, then 9/7/1994, then 5/21/2011.  The last predicition garnered huge public attention. Many of his followers prepared for the end, gave away their possessions, spent their fortunes. And then..a  REALLY BIG OOPSIE!! After 5/21 came and went, and Camping found, to his surprise that he was still, well..here, and that the sun came up the next day.

Camping announced that he had miscalculated somehow, maybe his sundial wasn’t working..but he had it right THIS time, the world was really, REALLY gonna end this coming Oct 21, 2011.  Soon after, he had a stroke, and was taken off the air at his radio show.

Obama seems to have channelled Camping. We’ve had several earlier predictions of impending world-wide cataclysmic  doom, caused by the failure to increase the  debt ceiling.  The earlier pronouncements were delivered by the Apostle Timothy, who gave us several dates, by which, according to him, the US government  was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, going to run out of money to pay the bills. And as each day drew nigh, Timothy announced that his earlier calculations were off a tad, and here, f’sure was the next ABSOLUTE, POSITIVE D-DAY ( “D”  as in Default)

And to show just what  a caring government can do for you,  we citizens won’t have to worry about giving away our possessions before the world ends…Obama’s taken care of that for us. Social Security checks won’t go out in August. That’s right..we won’t have to be concerned about giving away our money, because the feds won’t let us have it. See, problem solved..isn’t that considerate of them?

Well, those also proved to be false prophecies, so now the chosen ONE, the ANOINTED, the MESSIAH has himself stepped into the breech, climbed into the pulpit, and PROCLAIMED throughout the land that August 2, is ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT……DOOMSDAY!!!

Indeed, as it takes time to prepare for an end of days..(maybe FEMA has to come up with contingency plans..prepositioning of emergency supplies perhaps?)..Congress has to agree in principal to a deal sometime next week.

We hear rumors that Obama is actually considering borrowing a page  from “The Godfather,” and going to the mattresses. If no deal is realized by this Friday, he’s going to invite the Congressional leadership,and Joe Biden, up to Camp David this weekend for “intense” talks. Look for him to lock them in, not let them leave, until they arrive at a deal. It’s his secret weapon. Being confined 24/7 with Reid, Pelosi,and Biden is enough to drive anyone bonkers. Three days max, and the GOP leadership will sign off on anything, just to get away.

If Obama follows the path of his guru, Camping, next November, the American people will take him “off the air.” Well, that’s not quite right. I expect he’ll be a perpetual guest on MSNBC.