WWMT? ( What Was Mitch Thinking?) Why didn't McConnell run his plan by the GOP Senate caucus BEFORE going public with it?

Like most here, I’m opposed to Mitch McConnell‘s Plan B.  For a whole host of reasons.  But what I can’t understand is why he decided to put it out there WITHOUT first talking to his caucus, to gauge their reaction.  That makes absolutely NO sense.

It wouldn’t be hard…just call a meeting..everyone’s in town..explain his idea, and get comments. How hard could that be?

From what I’ve read, it looks like a majority of the caucus is OPPOSED to the idea. And, oh yeah..I expect that MOST, if not ALL of the GOP WH candidates will be opposed to it.

So what was Mitch thinking? And what’s Rand Paul thinking?

And what are conservatives gonna think? I know… let’s work hard, volunteer, raise BIG $$, to elect a GOP Senate, so that McConnell can be Majority Leader..yeah, right..