GOP dare not become the "Wimpy" caucus" in the debt ceiling fight..("I'll pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today..")

The House GOP has already wimped out once, in a failed effort to control government spending. The hundreds of billions in spending cuts we were told had been achieved..the  “great” victory..turned out to be less than the amount Michelle Obama is currently spending on her latest vacation; this time to South Africa.

And after we conservatives had yelled and screamed, we were told by the GOP leadership that they’d finally, really, honestly gotten the message THIS time…the can will NOT be kicked down the road again. So, we kissed and made up, and were seduced by the short, terse, and cogent message that we have been waiting for:


Hallelujah! And the angels sing!

And so, what’s been happening for the last few months. Well, everything’s all sort of getting tangled up together. The budget, entitlement reforms, debt ceiling…..fiscal spaghetti.

The Democrats have failed and/or refused to produce a budget for the last 2 years, and the GOP has allowed them to get away with it. Why? We should demand they do so as a condition of any future negotiations.

We have made a serious attempt to engage on the question of entitlement reform, yet we have not demanded that the Democrats offer anything, other than a caricature of Paul Ryan tossing an old lady off the cliff.

The Treasury is now on its 4th, (or is it 5th?), prediction as to the drop-dead date when we default on our debt. Anyone wanna bet that Timmy will once again “revise and extend” his guesstimate?

And as the negotiations with Biden continue at a snail’s pace, we are starting to hear this and that..different trial balloons being floated, kites flied…and I’m starting to get both angry and scared at the same time.

On the debt ceiling:FORCE the administration to state clearly how muich of an increase they want, how long they expect it will suffice, and what they plan to do when it runs out. Why let them off the hook? We hear dribs and drabs from some on the GOP side that we’ll have to “spread” the spending cuts out over several years. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Those of us over a certain age recall the character from the Popeye comic strip…. J. Wellington Wimpy, know to all as “Wimpy.” For those not familar with his character, or rather lack of..here’s how Wikipedia defines it:

“Wimpy is soft-spoken, very intelligent, and well educated, but also cowardly, very lazy, overly parsimonious, and utterly gluttenous. He is also something of a scam artist, and….can be notoriously underhanded at times.”

Sound like anyone in DC  that you know?

Wimpy’s overriding passion..his raision d’etre..is his need for hamburgers, or “pork” ( if you will).  So consuming is his addiction, that he is eternally willing to offer, to promise anything in the future for just one more burger today.

We gave the Republicans one more chance when we gave them back the House last year.  Next year, we will give them the Senate.

It is NOW incumbent upon them to show, finally, that they deserve it.

They cannot “Wimpy” out on us. There are No more chances..