Why the "great one," Mark Levin, is finally wrong about something ( Hatch..and Lugar, Snowe MUST be beaten in primaries)

Daily Caller has two very interesting stories today. First one reports that Dick Armey’s FREEDOMWORKS has targeted Orrin Hatch for defeat next year. They hope to replicate beating Bob Bennett, and electing Mike Lee. The other piece presents Levin’s semi-scathing indictment of Armey’s motives and reasoning.

Far be it from me to differ with Levin, but in this case, he’s dead wrong. It’s absolutely imperative that we defeat Hatch, and Lugar, and Snowe in the primaries. Here’s why:

The GOP will retake the Senate next year. Heck, even that Dem stalwart, Bob Beckel, has already said so publicly. The only question is how many seats will we gain. Whatever that number, the overall GOP Senate caucus will be more conservative.

Now let’s go back to the 2010 Arizona senate contest. McCain, sensing that the mood of the country was rapidly turning against the Dems, and facing a viable challenger in the primary, immediately began reinventing himself as the second coming of Barry Goldwater.  The self-proclaimed “maverick”…once eager to do a deal with the Dems on immigration reform..excuse me.. amnesty; now positioned himself as standing astride the border fence, sixguns in each hand..singlehandedly the last best hope to keep the illegal hordes from invading the nation.

Yet immediately after winning, McCain began once again to stray off the conservative reservation, opining how we wanted to “do a deal” on immigration. This is McCain’s last term. He will NOT run again. Therefore, he fears not the voters of Arizona. He is a free man..er, a loose cannon..he is accountible to NO ONE, except possibly the editorial writers of the NY Times and the WP. There is absolutely nothing more dangerous on the floor of the Senate than a RINO in his last term…looking to cement his legacy in his own mind.

If Hatch, Lugar, and Snowe are also re-elected, the same will be said of them. It will be the last terms for all of them, and they have the potential to do a tremendous amount of damage to the conservative agenda.

Let’s assume the GOP has healthy gains in the Senate races, and the GOP picks up 8 seats, giving them a 55-45 majority. Hell, let’s say we have a GREAT election, pick up 10 seats, giving the GOP a  57-45 edge. Pretty good. Ya think?

Now, let’s do the math:

McCain + Hatch + Lugar + Snowe + Graham + Collins + Murkowski + Brown + (maybe a Kirk or a Corker) and presto, you have a GOP RINO SQUISH caucus of 8-10 votes on most issues;  that effectively controls the balance ofpower in the US Senate.  Good luck trying to get ANY conservative social agenda items passed.

And because Graham has NO chance of getting reelected , let alone nominated in 2014,  you have 5 HARD votes who will do whatever they choose.  They will make McConnell’s and DeMint’s life miserable. We will have the House, I think we will take the WH, and we will have a Republican controlled Senate that will NOT be responsive to the conservative agenda.

So Mr. Levin, with apologies..you’re dead wrong this time. We must, MUST beat Hatch, Lugar, and Snowe in the primaries.