Memo to the GOP field:Keep on attacking Obama, wait at least 6 months before attacking each other

Confession: I just finished watching Hardball. I was curious to hear what the lunatic fringe of the MSM had to say about last night’s debate. And the Three Smirkers ( Chris Matthews, Eugene Robinson –  who must sleep in the MSNBC studios, and Howard Fineman) did not disappoint.

They voiced their collective displeasure that the participants did not turn on each other. Palenty was said to have “wimped” out for not sinking to John King’s level and go after Romney by repeating the word  “Obamneycare.”

It’s probably safe to assume that the MSM does NOT have the best interests of the GOP field in mind. The latest poll, which show a generic GOP candidate beating Obama, scares them.  The 2012 race will be a referendum on Obama, and he can’t win that race.

His only hope is that the GOP settles on a candidate early, so that the MSM can devote the next  months tearing that candidate apart. So, field, take the high road, make it all about Obama, continue to say nice things about each other.

One more thing: Matthews is certifiable.He makes Weiner seem normal.