Who knew? Even Bill Maher has standards...( and limits?)

RealClearPolitics has the clip of Bill Maher reading the actual texts of Weiner’s emails with the Las Vegas blackjack dealer, on his HBO show. Typical for Maher, and for his audience…about what one would expect from those who for whatever reason, find him funny, or even relevant.

Having read the texts, and diaried about them on RS, I watched the clip. I was curious to see where he’d go with it, if there was any type of even a gentle rebuke, reproach. Nope. And everyone laughed, and laughed at the last line..when there’s a reference to “saving the country from those c**k-s***king Rebulicans.” Hardy-har-de-har….and all that.

But then I realized that Maher had omitted, censored, scrubbed, redacted…some of the emails from Weiner. These are the MOST sexually explcit, the most graphic, the ones where he described in detail certain sexual acts he’d like to perform on her, actually, closer to force upon her. These degrade women, they are pornographic…they show that Weiner sees women as disposable, debasable sexual objects.

And I guess they’re too much for Maher. Curious…