MSM having a collective orgasm over Palin's emails, but Weiner's ACTUAL online orgasms, well, no big deal, nothing to see here, let's just move on...

It is actually, too, too delicious. The MSM is devolving into a parody of itself, right before our eyes. And they really don’t even have a clue. They are blinded by their own political prejudice. This election cycle will finally be the one that completely ends any pretense that the MSM has to objectivity in news gathering.

Up in Alaska, a whole forest has been killed, to produce the reams of paper, so that hundreds of news organizations can pick up boxes contained some 24,000 emails from Palin’s time as governor. They are recruiting people to help them mine through them, hoping to unearth some “gem” that will doom Palin forever. Does lousy punctuation, bad spelling, doom one from seeking the office of President? They are hoping to unveil a blatant sex scandal. Here’s the banner  headlines from tomorrow’s Huffington Post:

Palin’s emails reveal that she dangles..PARTICIPLES.

Governor makes excessive use of..GERUNDS…and SPLITS INFINITIVES recklessly.

Meantime, the actual texts of the Weiner Tweets are out their, for all to see. But nooooooo..we can’t say anything about them. Why? Because they are too disgusting to print, even with *****, even to allude to the references.

Weiner is a pathological liar, with  multiple psycho sexual hang-ups. Women to him are nothing more than objects for his use. He views them as disposable things. He’s told us, many times..He wants to stuff his hard ( weiner) down their throats. It gets worse. Far worse.

Have you seen this mentioned anywheres? Instead, we’re treated to the ever changing morning line as to whether or not he can survive. Yes, there’s nothing THAT bad here. He can work it out. He’s worked hard for his constituents.  And does this reflect badly on the House? Nah…..

Pelosi and the other Democrat women in the House..surely some of you have some sense of shame, a shred of dignity left. Even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz..surely you’re ( dare I say it) CHOKING on your own words in the privacy of your own home. And all you male Democrats in the House. You have wives, and DAUGHTERS, for God’s sake. Would you want your daughter to date this guy, let alone have a child with him.

So gloat away at Palin’s emails.  Try to twist anything, a word, a phrase, to smear her. You won’t change one mind. Smirk, snicker, all you want. You are hoisting yourself on Weiner’s , well..weiner. This is your swan song.