Huma is far from being the innocent victim here......and, BTW, did Hillary know about this for some time?

OK. First, upp front, I feel very sorry for the lady now. She’s pregnant, and in what should be among the most joyous of times in her life, she has to deal with the mess her husband has made.

But amazingly, everyone is ignoring obvious facts right in the open that belie any claim that she is somehow an innocent victim in all this.

Here’s the money quote, from Weiner’s presser Monday afternoon:

“MY wife has KNOWN about some of these online relationships since BEFORE we were married. And we spoke frankly about them because – well, we spoke frankly about them. But she didn’t know this morning that I had not been telling the truth about whether I posted the Twitter posting last week.”

Hello???? Is anybody paying attention here?  The story writes itself. Connect the dots. Since the above quote was in response to a question,and NOT from the prepared statement, I suspect that Weiner didn’t realize what he had said, that he had just thrown his pregnant wife under the bus.

He confessed all to her before  they were married. Now, Huma is not some dewy-eyed innocent young thing. She’s an experienced, hard-nosed,  political operative, with very long and close ties to the Clintons. Who better than nearly anyone else on the planet, she had to be aware of the dangers of a sex scandal in politics. Also, she’d just seen Chris Lee walk the plank for doing something simlar to what her fiance had owned up to.

So her first decision point was whether or not to go ahead with the wedding. Now,  we have every right to wonder if she turned to her mentor, and close friend, Hillary Clinton, for advice? I mean, who better to ask “what to do?” The money here says she did, she confided in Hillary. And that fact alone opens a whole new can of worms.

But for whatever reason, she decided to forgive him, accept his promise not to do it again, and went ahead with the wedding.

But it’s hard to believe that she didn’t heed the wise words of President Reagan..”Trust, BUT verify!”

Remember, she’s a political pro. She also knows that anything and everything on the internet is there forever. So, when she forgave him, if you were she, as a non-negotiable condition of doing so, wouldn’t you have demanded access to EACH AND EVERY ONE of his internet, email, social network accounts, including the passwords, so you could see exactly what he had done, had posted, what was out there, and more importantly, to make sure he wasn’t doing it anymore.

This is NOT a stupid woman folks. She had to know everything, all of it beforehand. And possibly  what he’d been doing since they were married. And most likely Hillary Clinton also knew over a year ago what Weiner had been doing.

These questions need answers.