Whither the Dems? Why NO call for Weiner to resign?

The behavior of the Democrat leadership after Weiner’s presser yesterday afternoon is probably MORE bizarre that the congressman’s risky behavior…sending lewd pics of himself to women in cyberspace. If you think about it, it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. It is a LOSE/LOSE proposition for them. And thus, it’s reasonable to inquire if there is indeed something in the Dem/liberal DNA, psyche, ethos, whatever, that makes them behave in this way.

Comparisons have already been made as to how Boehner handled the fairly comparable Chris Lee incident. He was gone even before the scandal broke. Yet Chuck Schumer, Weiner’s political “rabbi” has been camera shy for the first time in his political life. ( Hey, maybe that’s ONE reason that conservatives should hope that Weiner  stays in office.)

Every time a GOP elected offical has gotten into trouble becuase of sexual peccadillios, the Dems hav been loud and vociferous in their calls for resignation.  And that’s understandable..politics ain’t beanbag, they hoped to gain political advantage from these incidents, and let’s be honest here..they were entitled to enjoy some schadenfreude watching those who campaign on “family values” squirm.

Clinton was different. They felt that they were defending the WH, their power base. It was an attempt to “kill the king.” However, in retrospect, it might have been the wrong decision from their point of view. Suppose senior Dems, acting on principal ( OK, OK, I know… it strains credulity..) early on, had strolled into the Oval Office, told Slick it was time to go. Gore would have been sworn it, and remember, in the pre 9/11 booming economy, he’d probably have beaten Bush in 2000. ( So maybe we owe Slick a big attaboy? It’s hard to imagine Gore running the War on Terror.

Which brings us to Weiner. What do the Dems gain by allowing him this pathetic attempt to stay in office? Absolutely nothing…zip, nada, zilch..

Consider: His district, though changing, is reliably Democrat.  If the GOP has a chance at winning it, it’s far more likely they do so if Weiner is the incumbent.

They story will continue for weeks if not longer.

There are explicit nude pics of a fully aroused Weiner ( sorry, I couldn’t resist) that will become public. It’s inevitable.

Already we’ve seen some of the texts between Weiner and the women. Coarse, crass, lewd, dirty…( the crack about Jewish women and oral sex will play well in Orthodox Jewish precincts, dontcha think?) You can bet your bottom dollar that more, much more, and much worse, will dribble out..

His wife is a Dem “name” and linked to the second biggest star in the Dem firmament..Hillary Clinton. Not good.

All elected Dems will be subject to ridicule, everytime they are asked their position on Weiner..

There will be an ethics investigation, which guarantees that the story stays alive for months.

Yada, yada, yada…..

So he’ll probably be told to pack his bags within a few days.  There is no way he survives. The Dems have to know this..heck..even Ed Schultz knows it. Which brings us back to our opening question: WHY THE HELL ARE THEY LETTING HIM HANG AROUND?

iI’m really not sure ( hey, an honest pundit…) but let’s take a stab:

Because of their collective secular worldview, most of them really believe that it’s “no big deal.”

Many of them, in their heart of hearts, think “it could have been me”

But because Dems have desperately clinged to power, longed for it….done anything and everything to stay in office ( look at Rangel not resigning, look at Pelosi clinging to her leadership position, look at the old bull Dems…Bryd,Conyers, Dingell, Waxman, Franks..etc, all staying around after losing their majority. They all think they’re indispensible, they have no other life, no other interests..they will stay until dead or defeated. Their goal is to die in office.

I suspect that many of the Dems admire Weiner for his combativeness, his blind, and dumb determination to stay in office. I think they identify with it, relate to it, and therefore are incapable of pulling the plug on the guy.