The Palin interview on Fox News Sunday: She "killed it," "knocked it out of the ballpark", and ( oh yeah) she's running, f'sure..

Hopefully all Red Staters will get to see Sarah Palin’s interview today on FOX News Sunday. Interviewed for nearly 30 minutes, without interruption, by Chris Wallace, it was a bravura performance. She is most definitely ready, willing, and able to win the GOP nomination and defeat Obama in 2012.

Let’s talk about the “style” first. Interviewed from Arizona, and not across from Wallace in a studio, it can often seem a staged, frozen image. She was just the opposite. Undoubtedly attractive, visually appealing, she fills the screen. The camera loves her.  The difference from 2008 is that she has a more mature, polished screen persona.  What was most apparent was the changed vocal modulation. Whether due to practice, coaching, or endless repetition, her speaking voice is much improved. Gone is that tendency, which annoyed some, which others ridiculed, for her voice to occasionally stray into the higher registers and sometimes crack. This is a speaking voice, a debating voice, that commands attention.

On policy, she was clear, concise, and focused on her message. The ship of state is taking water, it’s sinking, we must fix it and make it right. Obama’s policies have brought us to this point. She has a vision of America,  what this country can and should be, and more importantly, she has the ability to make others see it with her. She took questions on a wide range on topics, and handled everyone flawlessly. Not one stumble, not even a little glitch.  A+

Wallace tried a few times to zing her, including a cheap “gotcha” about Paul Revere, and in every instance she deftly handled it. It was a wide ranging discussion, yet what was most obvious was that she controlled it. She made her points, developed her themes, and refused to let Wallace deflect her. This bodes well for future interviews and debates.

Early on, talking about the just released lousy jobs numbers, he asked her, “What would President Palin do?” Without batting an eyelash, she responded, “As President….”

Oh yeah, she’s running….Running at her own pace, in her own time, in her own way.  She has definitely learned the lessons of 2008, including especially how to handle a MSM that is openly hostile to her.

The 2012 election will be a referendum about Barack Obama, and that is a vote he will  most defintiely lose. if the GOP nominates a candidate who can both criticize Obama for all the mistakes he has made, AND also convey to the American people a conservative vision for the country.

 The MSM, fully recognizing that Obama can’t run on his record, instead wants the GOP to pick their candidate as soon as possible, so they can then focus all their efforts on tearing that person down. This, in a nutshell, will be the essence of the next 6 months.

Palin shows her casual disdain for the media. Best was her gentle swipe at Shep Smith, who accused her of a “publicity stunt” for her bus tour of New England.

In her fearlessness, her conviction that she knows the right path, and her willingness to stick to it, Palin is starting to remind me of Margaret Thatcher, the early Margaret Thatcher, she of “the lady’s not for turning..” fame.

Again, if you didn’t have a chance to see it, do so. I’m sure that clips will soon be all over the net. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to post a link when one is avaiable.