Weiner reminds us of the answer to the age-old question: "How do you tell when a politician is lying?"

Was just over at NationalReviewOnline. They’ve posted the ENTIRE 18+ minute interview that Weiner did yesterday with Wolf Blitzer. So I watched it. It’s remarkable…a tour de force of baldfaced lying. His nose already gives him a leg up on Pinocchio, but this is a truly bravura performance.

We’ve all heard the adage repeated endlessly..the coverup is worse than the crime. Weiner lies and lies and lies….effortlessly, seamlessly, smoothly.  He neatly piles them one atop the other.  It’s obviously a reckless, bold strategy, he’s going for broke.  There is no way he can back down now, change his story, retract, reshape anything.

To lie so easily, to tell one after the other, to string them together..this is not something that he just started doing. He’s accomplished at it, he’s a master of the art of lying, and most likely, he’s pathological.

It is absolutely imperative that he not continue to serve in the House, either by his own hand, a resignation, or he is expelled.  He is obviously dangerous, if not deranged, and if the House cannot recognize this, and police itself, then our system of governance is severely flawed.

Watch the tape for yourself. It’s truly breathtaking in its venality.

For those of you who remember Alan Drury’s great novels of American politics, Anthony Weiner is the incarnation of Fred van Ackerman.

And BTW, speaking of corruption and venality, when is the House Ethics committee going to deal with Maxine Waters?