In case you missed it: Bob Beckel: GOP has a "good chance of taking the Senate in 2012." (Hint: secret message revealed!)

I’m posting this only because I haven’t seen it anywheres. A few nights ago, on Hannity, Dem Strategist Bob Beckel, as a preface to his comments on the  NY 26 special election, said that “The Republicans have a pretty good chance of taking the Senate” in 2012.

It’s not quite the “shot heard ’round the world”…but it’s an interesting statement. Beckel’s a realist..it’s always easy to tell when he’s spouting insipid talking points..his face looks like he’s constipated. And if you recall the weeks just before the 2010 election, when Dems were bravely out there guaranteeing that they would keep the House, and Pelosi would get to keep her private USAF jet, it was Beckel, two week or so before, who first came out and said publicly that the Dems were gonna lose the House, and badly.

So, he’s willing to speak his mind, go against the prevailing orthodoxy of opinion. But it’s curious, actually strange, why he’d say this now, and so far in advance. And equally weird, why it’s getting ZERO play, attention , anywheres.

Couple of thoughts:

Maybe the Dems have already seen the light, er..the polls, and realize that the Senate is a goner. When that happens, Reid’s out as Leader. That’s a no-brainer. Durbin and Schumer have already put down markers. Now, there are 53 Dems in the Senate: after 2012, they might be down to 45 or so.  So it’s not only how many will be left to vote for their Leader, but which ones, and how they’d vote. Maybe somebody’s counting votes.

Reid’s looking tired these days..really tired. Falls down a lot..bumps into things. And is he really the face and voice the Dems in the Senate want to project in the campaign? So maybe he’ll step down soon as leader: heck he could say  for health reasons, and nobody would question it. So who would win the caucus election now, as opposed to after 2012?