Sen McConnell: Introduce a Senate resolution OPPOSING Obama's call for a return to the 1967 Israeli borders

In his speech today, Obama effectively cast his lot with the Palestinians, and Muslim terrorists in general. In addition, he managed to spit in the eye of the Israeli PM, who arrives tomorrow for face to face talks.

Sen McConnell needs to introduce a sense of the Senate resolution OPPOSING this call for the return to the 1967 borders. Let’s force Sens Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, among others….there are several more, to state publicly what they think.

Reid may well refuse to bring it to the floor, but that action by itself can be used against him. Keep bringing it up weekly, again and again,  mention it every time, heck..make bringing it to the floor a prerequisite for  ANY vote to increase the debt ceiling. This is poison for Dems, we need to start playing real HARDBALL, keep up the pressure..

We may finally crack the near-monolithic, ( and incomprehensible)  Jewish support for Democrats, and make a major dent in their fundraising for 2012.

I expect that Boehner will bring up a similar resolution in the House. There are about 10 vulnerable Dems that this could impact in a big way.