So why did McConnell give the Finance seat to Burr ( who didn't really want it) instead of to DeMint ( who really, really wanted it, and said so publicly)?

It was announced early this afternoon that the vacant seat on the Senate Finance committee would go to Sen Burr (NC) instead of to Sen DeMint, who publicly had stated his desire to serve on that committee. The decision is at the absolute discretion of McConnell, the GOP caucus leader, and DeMint has graciously accepted the leader’s choice.

Normally, seniority is a key factor in the choice, though it is not inviolate.  Burr was just senior to DeMint. Indeed, according to stories in Roll Call and The National Journal today, Burr did not really want the position, he was quite happy on the Energy committee.

So, what gives? What was behind McConnell’s decision? Was it a political “bitch-slap,” or payback for DeMint’s involvement in several Senate races in 2012 ( including Rand Paul’s win over McConnell’s handpicked favorite)?  Is he attempting to put down any nascent effort by DeMint to run for leader in 2012? Is McConnell that vindictive, that petty, that, well….STUPID?

Don’t know, can’t figure it out. Maybe others here can discern Mitch’s motives.

One thing, for sure…in the 2012 election cycle…don’t send the RSCC a penny. Instead, give to DeMint’s PAC, or directly to whichever candidates you feel best represent you and your values and concerns.