What's the price of a slightly damaged tail rotor assembly from a stealth helicopter? How about $ 3 billion, give or take.

We’ve all seen the pictures of the tail rotor assembly outside Bin Laden’s compound. It’s from a secret, stealth, special ops chopper that made a hard landing during the raid. The helo was blown up, but unfortunately the tail assembly survived intact.  The Pakistanis  picked it up, carted it off, and supposedly the US is now in “negotiations” with Pakistan for its return.

Pakistan is now expressing its “displeasure” with the US for daring to take out OBL, including demands that we reduce our military footprint inside the country, and oh yeah, promise never to do it again. All this as it seems more and more obvious that higher levels of the government and military were complicit in allowing Bin Laden sanctuary for several years.

If they are indeed, our ally, our friend, as they profess, then it’s time to return the coptor parts now, immediately.  It’s time for resolutions to be introduced in both the House and Senate stating that unless this happens within a few days, Pakistan can basically forget about any more aid from the US. Period.