So, who had a WORSE weekend, Bin Laden or Trump.....????

Osama’s dead, Khalid.  Sorry . He sleeps with the fishes. Finally. Yippee!!  Death was near instantaneous, and most likely, almost painless. Based upon the reports we have to date, he probably had no more than a few seconds to ponder the ratio of blondes to brunettes in the 72 virgins awaiting him. Unless, of course, some of those in charge of tossing him overboard had the foresight  to insert a frozen Jimmy Dean Pure Pork Sausage in an orifice. That would make him “treif”, as the Jews say, and those virgins would surely then run in the opposite direction. Too bad. But for Bin Laden, it’s all over.

Trump, on the other hand, suffered a far longer, lingering, and much more painful death Saturday night. Death of a thousand barbs, if you will. He,  his hair, and his faux WH campaign were artfully dissected by Obama, and the coup de grace was administered by a slightly sneering Seth Meyers, who, well..just “killed it.”

Yes, both Obama and Meyers were working a room where most of those in attendance would have laughed riotously had they started reading the  Affordable Health Care Act.  And 99% in attendance regarded Trump as an object of derision at best, with loathing at worst.  Actually, since there were 2,700 in the room, and only one person liked Trump ( his wife Melania) it should be 99.996%..but she was by far the best looking lady in the room, so I’m giving her a whole 1% for herself.

The Donald sat there, somewhat stupefied, his face frozen in a mask of indignity. Then, at the conclusion, he fled from the room, surrounded by security guards.  And, if you were watching, it was EXIT stage LEFT.

Conservatives everywhere should thank the Prez and Meyers for sending this buffoon packing. ( And we mustn’t forget what first loosed this clown upon us.  CPAC. They get the blame. They had absolutely no business giving him a speaking slot. And they’d better learn by next year.)

But it gets worse for “The Donald. ” Obama conveniently managed to preempt the end of Trump’s  show, “The Apprentice.” to anounce that Bin Laden had been, not FIRED, but rather,  FIRED UPON. A genuine “Meatloaf”  moment, if you will.

However, there is one saving grace for the Trumps. Each year his wife struggles mightily to come up a present  for Christmas. After all, what do you get for the man who has, by his own admission, everything? Well, this year, it’s easy. I’m suggesting a picture of Trump, glaring at the WH press corp dinner, suitably framed, and inscribed “Politics ain’t beanbag!”