The innate wisdom of the conservative base..or why, to the consternation of the MSM, we haven't already picked a favorite for the nomination

I want to step back for a moment today, and rather than focus on any one particular issue, to speak of a more general theme.  This country is more conservative than liberal. We on the right were thrilled at our successes last November, have been  somewhat disappointed and frustrated at what has transpired since, and are fiercely committed to continuing to reverse the current course of our nation.

We take nothing for granted, and will work fiercely to see that the 2012 election restores a conservative governance  to our  country. Yes, we’re skeptical , and cynical, and lord knows, we have good reason to be so, but I think that each of us, if we looked in the mirror, would probably admit to the following:

1. We will hold our majority in the House, and more than likely, INCREASE it.

2. We will take control of the Senate.

3. The Republican caucuses in both houses will be more conservative than at present.

4. Despite how Obama’s re-election is being posited as a near-inevitability, it’s nowheres near that.  It’s 50/50 at best, and more than likely that he will emulate Carter. And if we don’t take the WH, a GOP controlled Congress should be able to negate Obama to a great extent.

If one looks at the reasons the Dems/left/MSM cite for Obama’s re-election, it comes down to two.

1. Money. The campaign has already started. He will raise gobs of cash, and this will make it impossible for the GOP. It’s inevitable.  So we might as well concede now, grin and accept it. BOHICA.

2. The GOP field, our “baker’s dozen ” of possibilities is weak, tepid, uninspiring.

Since 1988 (other than W’s re-election in 2004) the GOP has always chosen the guy waiting in the wings. The nominee has been pre-ordained to a certain extent. Let’s call it the Bob Dole effect.

That’s not going to happen this time. Each of us probably already has a favorite. But each of us also probably has a list of 3-5  names whom we’d be happy with as the nominee; any of whom would be far better than Obama, especially when coupled with a Republican House and Senate.

So 2012 is truly an open auditon for the nomination. They’re going to have to earn it. And that’s only going to be better for the  nominee, for the party, and ultimately, for the country. We will have a clear debate on the issues and values that are important to us as conservatives. And when that person emerges, the base will be united, and focused, and determined.

The dissatisfaction with McCain, for many, began with his campaign tactics against Bush in 2000. No argument here. But, I would submit, undergoing that test probably made Bush a far better candidate in the general election. That’s never really been explored in depth. Had W. cruised to the nomination, without a real test, well….we’ll never know, but a “trial by fire” of sorts only tempers and strengthens the candidate.

So, for the next few months, we’re having some fun with the field. We ( maybe) say Trump’s our favorite. It’s like baseball..the season’s just started..everyone’s theoretically got a chance. So, we give him some props for taking it to the MSM..challenging and confronting them. Who knows, “EXCUSE ME!” may replace “You’re fired!” as Trump’s signature.

Missouri’s one of the key battleground states for 2012. The conservative base has decided to adopt the state’s motto during the primary season. SHOW ME!