It's all going to come down to what the definition of "really, really, big" is...

OK, it appears we have a budget deal….subject of course, to the fine print. Some conservatives are happy, some are not. Red Staters tend, for the most part, to fall into the latter category. Whether you are pleased, or not, the amount of the cuts that we left on the table is a “rounding error” in the entire budget. Like Biden’s vice presidency, just a “warm bucket of spit.”

And now we come to the debate over whether or not to raise the national debt ceiling.  Obama first said that his 2006 statement, as a senator, opposing an increase at that time, was  a mistake ( Geez..he ain’t perfect?) Then he said that he wants a “clean bill” to raise the ceiling again.  Like that has a chance.

The Speaker said publicly, and loudly, that it is not going to happen unless it’s accompanied by something “really, really, big” ( translation: major spending cuts and NO tax increases). Boehner has, at the same time, thrown down the gauntlet to the Dems, and also managed to paint himself into a corner early on with his conservtaive/Tea Party base.

If there is a deal, even a proposed one,  to increase the debt ceiling that is anything like the budget deal just agreed to ( I mean, would anyone on the right, even someone who favors this deal, dare call it “really, really, big?) Nope…..no way.

So, unless Boehner has his own unique scale of “bigness,” ( in which case he will face a revolt in his caucus) he’s already decided that this is where he draws the line, this is where he goes to the brink, and most importantly, he believes he has the caucus with him.  He does, and he will…..