I donated $25 today to help defeat Obama in 2012 (I filled up my gas tank)

As conservatives, because we believe  that technological marvels of the last decade have made it far harder for the MSM to shape the news,  we still don’t realize how much influence they still possess. Let’s consider perhaps the single greatest unreported news story of 2011…The rapid jump in gasoline prices….. pretty soon we’ll be north of $ 4.00/gallon across the board. And nary a whimper.

Contrast this with when Bush was in office, and prices spiked. It was a lead story in most every paper on a near daily basis…just about every TV station had a daily bite with someone complaining about how much it was hurting them..they couldn’t afford gas to get to work, or buy food, or medicine.etc. And it’s true..it was, and is… a real hardship for many people..facing an additional, and unplanned expenditure of about $200/month…and if you own one of those big gas guzzlers…well. However, seen or read any gas price horror stories lately?

Today, it’s the same thing, except no one’s talking about it.  Well, except they are, but no one’s reporting it. Yesterday, at coffee hour at my church, that’s about all anyone was talking about. Admittedly, 95% of these people didn’t vote for Obama, and sure won’t vote for him in 2012. And economically, they’re less likely to  feel the pinch at the pump.

However, there seems to be a threshold that triggers that “say what?” moment….it appears to be when the total to fill it up crosses a magic number. For me, it used to cost $25-30 to fill my car..today it was $ 50.27. There’s something about the idea of half a c-note to gass up the car that boggles the mind……focuses attention. And here is Florida, if you own a boat….well, start paddling….

And it’s happening to millions of Americans everyday.  It’s not going to get better..it’s going to worsen. For lots of reason: what’s happening, and may happen, in the mid-East;  total failure of the administration to encourage domestic production. The list is long. We all know it.

So let’s dig up, and replay endlessly, all those clips of Obama and his advisors early on talking about wanting, and needing, higher gas prices.

And every time you pay an extra $20.00 or mroe to fill up your car, consider it a contribution to defeating Obama in 2012. It’ll hurt a little less thta way.