Donald Trump, and the upcoming GOP "circus".....er, debate May 2nd (and what we can do about it)

Gawd, we really are the “STUPID PARTY”

Just on case anyone’s forgotten, less than 5 weeks from today, on Monday, May 2nd, the first GOP presidential debate will be held at the Reagan Library. It’s jointly sponsored, and exclusively broadcast,  by NBC ( including their friends at MSNBC) and Politico. I’ve posted on Red State several times that Republicans are out of their collective minds to have agreed to this, and begged for someone  at the RNC (Reince Preibus, are you  perchance listening?) to please, PLEASE do something, anything to fix it.

We have a superb chance at defeating Obama next year.  For the first time in decades we have a wide open field, with no “it’s my turn now” putative favorite waiting in the weeds. There is considerable, and growing interest in the GOP contest, and this is to be our first opportunity to introduce our candidates en masse to the public, and start to promote our message of the need for conservative governance in the White House

At the time (shortly after the Tucson shootings) I wrote that, given the NBC/MSNBC/Politico axis, the first questions asked of the candidates would most likely be:

1. How did the tragedy in Tucson affect you personally?

2. If you’re the nominee, will you pledge now to be “kinder and gentler” to your opponent in the campaign?

3. Don’t you feel that we have to do something, anything, to limit access to guns in America?

4. All of the above

Well now,  a little time has past since then. We’ve gone through, among other things:

1. Wisconsin

2. The earthquake, and the tsunami

3. A new war ( or rather, a kinetic military action) in Libya

And now, comes to the party, the “Donald”………

I’ve written here that the folks at CPAC were just plain nuts to have given him a microphone at that (usually) august conservative forum. Trump is a joke.  Period.  He could never survive the vetting that the MSM will suject him to ( unlike how they glossed over, and scrubbed, Obama.) BTW there is a SUPERB piece on Red State’s front page today: “Mr. Trump, You’re Fired,” by Repair_Man_Jack.  A must read. He expertly dissects Trump.

The Donad’s an opportunist, a marketing maven, a showman. And in the last week he’s stumbled upon an “issue” ..the Obama birth certificate, or rather  the lack of.  No need to restate all the comments, all the discussions, the endless clips. It’s out there, all over the place. It’s got legs…and it’s growing. And parts of the MSM are pushing it. The Dems are using it as the “cause-celebre de jour”  to fundraise. Be sure of one thing. It’s not going away. The Donald won’t let it. Why would he?

OK, now, the stage is set. It’s May 2nd. The GOP debate. As I write, I don’t know who has accepted the invitation.  Hopefully, some who have said yes will change their minds. Sarah Palin, bless her heart… she happily has something far more important to do that day ( sorting her sock drawer, or perhaps the moose season opens that weekend in Wasilla?)  Again, by early-on announcing that she’s not attending,  Palin displays a common-sense smarts, and a fine-tuned ear for politics that many in the GOP still refuse to credit her with.

So, who’s gonna show up at the “shootout in Simi Valley?” Well, Trump, f’sure. NO way he misses the opportunity for self-promotion on such a huge stage. Ron Paul probably,  because, well…..he’s Ron Paul..it’s what he does. Huntsman, yeah…because 99% of Republicans don’t know who he is. And there are a few other fringe guys out there who will jump at the opportunity for tube time. I could look up their names, but why bother?

So now, anyone want to wager what the FIRST questions from the NBC/MSNBC/Politico nexus will be about?

1. Do you think that Obama was born in this country?

1a. BTW, as long as we’re on the subject, do you think he’s a Muslim?

2. Why do you think that so many in the GOP think that he wasn’t born here, and feel that he is a Muslim?

3. Isn’t  it your responsibility, as a leader of your party,  to correct them of these false beliefs?

4. All of the above.

At his first chance to speak, the Donald will reach into his pocket, and pull out his..” ta da!!!” Birth certificate, and proudly hold it up to the camera…..and, and…we’re off…….but to where, my friends?

And this, fellow conservatives, will be the “high point” of the debate. How, in 90 minutes, can any serious candidate hope to make an intelligent comment about any important issue, to present himself as a viable choice for the nation’s highest office….No way. It’s impossible.

So, I’m hoping that all the serious candidates for the WH…Daniels, Romney, Barbour, Palenty, Bachmann, Gingrich, Bolton ( did I miss anyone?) skip this debate. Go instead 3 days later, to the FOX NEWS sponsored debate in South Carolina.  You’ll have a serious, calm opportunity to introduce yourselves to the American people, and talk about important issues: Obamacare, war, the deficit. Leave NBC/MSNBC/Politico with an empty stage, and some empty suits…..let their pundits rant and rave to themselves on MSNBC for hours before and after the debate..and/or question Trump ad nauseum. ( It almost..but not quite..makes one wish that Olberman was still on the air)

If you already support any of these candidates, or are even thinking about supporting one of them soon, please, email or call the campaign..tell them to skip the California debate. If you have any doubts about doing so, just spend a few hours watching NBC/MSNBC, or reading Politico. These people are NOT impartial, they aren’t our friends…they are working diligently, every day, to defeat us, and the principals we advocate. We are at war with them..or maybe it’s a “kinetic media action.”  Does anyone have any doubt that they are even now salivating at the prospect of this vignette:

Brian Williams: ” Hi! I want to start by asking each of you, and please, because time is short, as there are so many of you, to  please limit your response to 60 seconds: Are you a ‘birther?’ ” 

So, take the gloves off now, shape the debate. Go on offense from the start. Poke them in the eye with a stick.

Some will say that such an action would be an insult to the memory of President Reagan, as this event is being held at his Presidential Library, and to Nancy Reagan. I say not. It would be far more insulting to the Gipper to have those in his party who aspire to  sit where he once sat, in the Oval Office, to be subjected to a partisan hatchet-job in his back yard.

As for Nancy Reagan, well..I have no idea of the current state of her faculties. I suspect that she inadvertently allowed herself to be used to stage this debate.  She wanted the honor of being the first. But she doesn’t realize that in this case, “being first” this way hurts her husband’s party.  And we won’t even go into her pro-choice advocacy, as well as a few other “unfortunate”  points fo view.

And let me be clear. I am not saying that the GOP candidates should not debate in a forum hosted by NBC/MSNBC/Politico.  They shoud. Take the battle to the enemy. I am saying that this should not be the FIRST debate, and at the setting of the Reagan Library, which is hallowed ground to conservatives. It is the official debut of the GOP presidential field. The opening night. 

And as we all know, the critics on opening night have a huge ability to impact the future success of the show.

So, Mr. Preibus..here’s you’re chance..you opportunity. Start calling all the candidates. Suggest that they avoid the May 2nd debate. Focus on South Carolina instead.

If that doesn’t work, maybe we can have a “small” earthquake a few hours before the debate…nothing serious..some ground shaking, some broken glass..no injuries…just enough to “postpone” it?






3. All of the above