A final question for PJ Crowley: Do you think Raymond Davis would like to change places with Bradley Manning?

Anyone remember Raymond Davis?  Aside from his family, loved ones, friends, and co-workers? Yes, events these last few weeks ( Wisconsin, Japan) have totally dominated the news.  He continues to be confined in a hell-hole of a Pakistani prison,  no doubt subjected to the vilest conditions and treatment.

Several weeks ago, the Secretary of State said that this illegal detention of an American with full diplomatic immunity was unacceptable. Since then: nada, zilch, zero, zip…… Her then press spokesperson, Crowley, felt it necessary to complain about how the traitor, Bradley Manning, was being treated ( which cost him his job) yet not another peep, or even a Tweet, about Davis.

Davis’ continued detention is a direct affront to the  United States. Comparisons between Obama and Carter are becoming more commonplace, and correctly so. And soon the question will be asked: what’s the difference between Pakistani holding Davis, and the Iranians holding the entire US embassy hostage?  And the answer is: NOTHING, except for the number of Americans being held illegally.

Obama and Clinton have learned nothing, or perhaps, more accurately, are incapable of learning anything from the Carteresque past.  By allowing this to drag on, they have given a certain legitimacy to the Pakistani actions.  US policy is that we will NOT negotiate with terrorists, but we are negotiating with a government that ignores the basic covenants of international diplomacy.  And we are doing so because we we supposedly don’t want to “destabilize” a government that purports to be our ally in the war against the AlQeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. For US troops to continue to put their lives at risk, while Davis is still held, is a travesty.

What would Ronald Reagan do? What would Margaret Thatcher do?  What will Obama do?

Well, here’s ONE suggestion, Mr. President.  I suspect that Pakistani diplomats in DC and at the UN in NYC, have racked up tens of thousands in parking tickets. So, go ahead, impound EVERY single car in the US with Pakistan DPL plates.  That would probably get Davis released in 24 hours.