Note to Congressional Republicans: If you can't defund NPR right now, then you might as well give up and go home .

It hasn’t happened as yet, but in the near future it will soon be obvious that the debate over defunding NPR is symbolic of everything that conservatives are attempting to do to restore fiscal sanity to our government.  This debate has been ongoing for years. Recent events have handed us a perfect opportunity to finally achieve this goal. The Juan Williams firing, and  now, the undercover video of NPR executives, allow us to shape the debate, to counter the propaganda effect of Elmo and other characters. Against the background of a $14.5 trillion national debt, and a rapidly ballooning federal deficit, it is becoming obvious to more and more Americans that our government is simply out of control.

And that is why the voters gave conservative Republicans another chance last November. We gave you control of the House, we made substantial progress in the Senate ( are are likely to take control in 2012). And for the most part, we’re happy with what you’ve done so far.

To conservatives, NPR is an obvious, blatant symbol of everything that is all wrong with our government, and has been for decades. To liberals, it’s all that they want and expect of government, as well as a daily on-air affirmation of their core beliefs.

Ands that is absolutely why we have to win this.  Indeed, if Congressional Republicans are unable to defund NPR now, as well as take a substantial whack at its big brother CPB, then there is really no point. They’ve won. And we can’t loose this battle. Our children and grandchildren will not recognize  this country when they logon to RedState..assuming of course, that the federal government would then allow RedState to exist.

And the arrogance of these people is beyond the pale. Harry Reid has the audacity, on the Senate floor, to bewail funding cuts that will curtail “cowboy poetry.” Where is a senator, Any senator, to stand and ask “WHAT THE HELL IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOING FUNDING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?  WHERE IS IT IN THE CONSTITUTION?”

That’s what I mean by the power of symbolism,  TO BOTH SIDES, and why the GOP has to go full speed ahead on defunding NPR. The House can do so at its will.  There are those who say that it can’t be done in the Senate, because of Democrat control. Well, let’s find out. Let’s put those 12 or so vulnerable Dems on the record. Shape the debate. Do not let them cry about the value of NPR…rather, force them to state which cuts they would advocate instead.  They are nervous, they see the polls, we have them on the run..keep up the pressure.

If Republicans can’t accomplish this, can’t topple this blatant symbol of an unconstitutional, arrogant, and profligate federal government, then they really can’t do anything.