House Republicans should "double down" on budget cuts for the next CR

House Republicans got off to a decent start with the just passed CR. They forced $4 billion in REAL spending cuts. And as Obama and the Senate Dems continue to dither and bluster, the House GOP is contemplating the same strategy..another CR, for another few weeks,  with another few billion in cuts.

In theory,  they could achieve their goal of $60-100 billion  in cuts that way. But let’s be honest..time’s awasting. This kabuki theater about the current budget is mere foreplay for the two big upcoming events. ….next year’s budget battle, and the debate over the debt ceiling.

So it’s time for the GOP to double down.  The “price” for the next CR will be $8 billion..the one after that, $16 billion, then $32 billion…see..pretty soon we’re talking about real cuts. 

Cutting a budget is an art in and of itself. It’s about the mere act of cutting spending, and NOT the size of the cut. The Dems, the MSM, the left..they’re going to scream bloody  murder, accusing the GOP of starving widows and orphans, if the cuts total $4 million, $4 billion, or $40 billion.  It makes no difference. The song will be the same..the tune won’t change.  So, House Republicans…get your money’s worth..actually get “our” money’s worth is more accurate.

 And after the first “double down”..the Dems will realize that the House is dead serious. And this type of “new budgetary math” will get the public focused on the issue…they’ll be fascinated… watching to see what the House does.  The conservative base will be thrilled. Like NCAA March Madness, they can’t wait to see what government programs will be “on the bubble.”