Gov. Walker should "pardon" the Wisconsin 14

The 14 Wisconsin Democrat senators continue to play hide-and-seek. Here’s a way for Gov. Walker and the GOP to change the dynamic, and increase their advantage. The Dems fled in order to prevent a quorum in the Senate, and thus are preventing a vote on the Governor’s financial legislation. The Senate Majority leader has several times sent WI State Troopers to their homes, to bring them to the Senate floor, and thus satisfy the quorum requirements.

Let’s try a different tactic. Gov. Walker, and the Senate majority leader, should publicly promise that they will not send police after the Democrat senators…they will not compell their attendance. Walker can state that he hopes, and expects, that they will return and fulfill the responsibilities of their office.

Given this, there is now absolutely no reason for the Dem senators not to return home. They can return to their homes, their offices, heck, they can even come to the Rotunda of the Capital building, and march with the protestors.  But they will also now have to face the electorate, and the media.

It makes Walker  and the GOP look good, and it will soon ramp up pressure on the 14 senators. It would be difficult for them to refuse Walker’s offer, and it will bring them back into the public arena.