Hey RNC...did you watch MTP? And you're letting THESE people, and Politico, host the first debate? Are you nuts?

I assume someone, anyone, at the RNC watches the Sunday talking head shows.

David Gregory continued his ambush tactics today, interviewing Scott Walker. Totally ignoring Walker’s reasoned responses, he often misstated facts. And then he spent several minutes asking Walker about the fake phone call from a liberal blogger (one who has since been outed as having rejoiced in the death and dismemberment of American comabt troops.) And to top it off he then suggested that Walker advocated planting thugs in the crowd to disrupt the demonstrations. This theme was then continued on the panel by AFL-CIO head Trumka, and MSNBC’s in-house self-admitted socialist, Lawrence O’Donnell. Last week, Gregory tried to get Speaker Baynor to admit a mistake in not denouncing conservatives and Republicans who question Obama’s history, citizenship, and religion.

OK, we get it, we really, really do..it’s what they do…it’s who they are. And Politico is no different. We get their political orientation, their focus, their ( in many cases self-admitted) bias, and their goal to protect, defend, and re-elect Obama. And we, individually can choose to watch, and read, or not.

But why in God’s name are we allowing these people to host the first GOP presidential candidate’s debate? This is nothing short of insanity.

Unless the world, and the Dem party, implode in the next year, Obama will be renominated. There is no political drama here. The GOP field, for the first time in decades, is wide open. Far more people in America self-identify as conservatives than liberals. We have the House, we’re well on the way to taking back the Senate. Choosing the next GOP nominee will be the biggest political story of the next 18 months.  Interest will be HUGE.

So what are we doing? Our first chance to introduce our candidates to the country, in a debate forum, will be shaped, defined, by NBC/MSNBC and Politico. This initial field will be huge, possible a dozen, and they will have to battle each other to offer a cogent response, and intelligent thought, without having to face asinine and slanted questions from NBC/MSNBC and Politco ideologues.

Who might the moderator be? Tom Brokaw? Maybe. He’s so disgusted with NBC/MSNC..he’s just about vanished from their air. Brian Williams? He-who-genuflects to Obama? Probably he’d get the gig. Panel questioners..One or two from Politico..pick your poison..they’re all slanted…they all inhabit  MSNBC. JOe Scarborough ( the in-house “conservative”?) REALLY? Andrea Mitchell..could be.

And let’s not forget who’d be tasked to host/appear on the pre and post debate shows…take your pickof any and all..Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Rachel Maddow…and of course Howard Fineman andAriana Huffington. Heck, we’d probably get to see “Ed” and “Cenk.”  Maybe even Katrina vandenHeuvel… Gawd, gag me now…

Any takers as to what the first questions will be:

1. How did the tragedy in Tucson affect you?

2. Will you now pledge, during the primaries and the general election, if you are the nominee, to be more civil to you opponents?

And that’s even before we get to those idiotic questions that people will send email or Facebook in…and supposedly chosen at random to be “representative” of others.  To wit:

1. “I’m a single ( most likely black or Hispanic) mom of three young kids. I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. What are YOU gonna do to help me find a job?”

2. “I’m a third generation police officer, ( or firefighter, teacher, EMT) I’ve been a proud union member all my life, as was my father, and grandfather. So whay are you against unions and collective bargaining?”

3. “I’m on Social Security ( and/or Medicare/Medicaid) It’s all I have. I depend on it. Why are you trying to change/threaten it”?


It’s time to recognize the obvious – that the MSM is our enemy, and will be working actively to present our candidates in the worst possible light. So why should we give them the means to do so?

And equally as bad as the decision to allow NBC/MSNBC and Politico to run the event is the decision to make it exclusive.  Actually, it’s even stupider, by a large margin. Interest in this debate will be enormous. The RNC should want the biggest possible audience.  So this debate, and possibly the next few, should be open to ANY media outlet who wants to carry it.

The new head of the RNC, Reince Priebus, has promised needed changes, and indeed, is starting to implement many already. I would like him to state publicly how this decision, to allow NBC/MSNBC Politico to run this first debate, was reached, and who approved it, just BEFORE he announces that it is being reversed.

This frist debate should run TWO hours, ( with very limited time for commercial interruptions), to allow for all the candidates to have sufficent time to answer questions, rebutal, and hopefully question each other. The RNC should produce the broadcast..timing, cameras, and angles, etc..and as I said earlier, ANY media outlet that wants to cover it can take the feed. They should select the moderator, and the panel of questioners.

And there are many to choose from. WSJ’s Paul Gigot would be a superb moderator. I could even go with Tom Brokaw. He’d be OK as a modrator…and it would make the RNC not seem anti-NBC. ( Actually, that would be a nice touch. They can say..”see, we LIKE NBC..this is just BIGGER than one network.” ) For the panel, Brit Hume, George Will, and ( this may surprise some )..Kathleen Parker  ( nice touch, eh?)

Hopefully those who read this will add suitable others….

All the cable networks will take the feed, and broadcast it live, as will C-span, NPR and many radio stations and networks. So, the key question is: will the big four ( FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS) also cover it? It will be interesting to see what they do. FOX will, absolutley. I suspect ABC and CBS will, because it’s hard to make the case that it is not an important event. Also, if they don’t, and  ratings are huge ( and remember, CBS and ABC don’t have a cable news outlet) they will in effect be abetting, and publicizing their own irrelevancy and demise of their network news operations.

Which brings us to NBC. They really have no choice..it will kill them, but they too will have to run it live. Dare they say that it was only worthy of broadcasting when then had the exclusive? Hardly. Could they  just air it on MSNBC, and say that’s doing enough? Possibly, but the danger in that  strategy is that probably 75% of MSNBC’s liberal audience won’t watch a GOP debate, and MSNBC’s rating for that event would thus be REALLY nonexistent..even moreso than now.

OK…that’s the problem we face. How do we stop it. How do we get the RNC to change it? To whom do we protest?