The mathematics of the Wisconsin teachers protest..or why is the union going bats**t?

The Wisconsin teachers union is going all out,  or maybe all in is the better term, to try and stop needed reforms. Are they totally oblivious to what’s going on in the country, what happened last November?  I can’t believe they are that dense, but in fact, there is a really good reason for their response. .The union’s survival is threatened. Here’s the numbers.

According to the Weekly Standard, the average Wisconsin teacher’s salary ( not including benefits) is $50,000. The cost of the proposed contributions to the retirement and medical plans will be 5%..let’s say $2,500. And because these contributions will be on a BEFORE-TAX basis, let’s assume the out-of pocket  (after-tax) cost will then be $2,000/year.

Union dues are $1,100. And under the proposal, teachers will no longer be required to join the union. So..to the teacher now facing a $2,000/year reduction in take home pay..where’s the easiest, most obvious place to cut..Why, of course..union dues.

In a few years, you could see a 70-90% drop in union membership. And that’s a tremendous drop in cash flow to the union. And the union will have to make HUGE cuts to its staff.

Anyone have the list of the top ten salaries in the Wisconsis teacher’s union. I’d be curious to know