Why Lindsay Graham will be the next Sec. of Defense

Graham’s comments and behavior since the election have further angered conservatives. We need not recount them all here; including his willingness to “work with” Obama, and his latest offering, a desire to find common cause with Chuck Schumer on immigration. Oh, joy!

Suffice it to say that his chances of winning a GOP primary in 2014 are somewheres between slim and none. So what’t the guy to do? Well, he’s already doing it – expressing a willingness to “work with” the administration.  Gates has already announced that he’s leaving sometime this year, and there’s been minimal speculation as to who will be his replacement.  It’s a done deal. It’s Lindsay and as we shall see, it makes perfect sense for all concerned: Graham, Obama, AND the GOP.

Graham: He’s become a creature of the Beltway. He wants a bigger stage. You can only appear on all the  Sunday talk shows so often before becomng tedious. SecDef is pefect. He has the military background, he does care about the troops, he knows how to salute,  and he will be well received inside the Pentagon.  And let’s be honest. He’s far and away the best we could ever hope for under Obama.  The nation, in these dangerous times, can’t afford Les Aspin redux.

Obama: This will allow him to maintain his image of “bipartisanship, ” of reaching across the aisle to Republicans. Graham has also shown a willingness in the past to work with Obama on the question of Gitmo and the detainees. Also, as Obama backs away from the self imposed withdrawal date this summer, he will be able to use the “input” from his new SecDef as part of the rationale.

The GOP:  Big winner here. SC Gov. Haley will get to appoint a REAL conservative to the seat. SC GOP has several good possibilities. That individual would probably NOT then face a primary in 2012.  South Carolinians tend to keep on electing their sitting senators.  Dare we think of Tim Scott in the Senate for several terms?  Yes!!!!!!!! I think Nikki would name him.

McConnell, AND DeMInt, would no doubt love to get the “maverick” Graham out of the GOP caucus. Graham would be easily confirmed.

Dontcha just love it when it all comes together?