Why I Will Continue to Support Perry

By the time you are reading this, people in all 57 states, civilians and corpsemen alike, will know that Perry had a horrible gaffe at tonight’s debate because he forgot his third department to cut.  This will overshadow what was otherwise a solid debate by him (I know, I know, “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”)

Despite his gaffe, I still support Rick Perry.  Going into tonight’s debate, Perry was the only candidate who I felt had a great combination of strong executive experience and a record of fighting Washington and advancing conservative causes.  Coming out of tonight’s debate, Perry is still the only candidate who has a great combination of strong executive experience and a record of fighting Washington and advancing conservative causes.  And he will still have a strong record of conservative leadership after he finishes his waffle.

Rick Perry may not know off the top of his head which three departments he would like to cut, but he does know how to cut spending.  Under Perry for the first time since World War II, Texas cut its budget, (take that W.), not by growing the budget less than proposed, but by actually spending less than it did in the previous budget.  Every budget that Rick Perry signed was a balanced budget.  We need someone with a strong record of fiscal responsibility to right the ship, when even the Republicans in Washington are willing to sell us out to the SuperCommittee by raising taxes now for the promise of future cuts that never come.

Rick Perry may not know how to develop debate points, but he knows how to develop a pro-business environment.  The thing that this country needs most can be summed up in three letters: J-O-B-S.  Texas has created one million net jobs during his tenure in Texas, during that same time, the country as a whole lost 2.5 million net jobs.   Texas added four seats in the latest census because of the number of people moving to Texas in order to find work.  Indeed, CNBC named Texas it’s number one state for business in 2010.  And just like when the stock market crashed and Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television to explain what happened, Rick Perry will explain how overregulation and overtaxation are killing employment in America.

Rick Perry may fight against words, but he also fights against Washington.  Texas has fought against overregulation by the EPA; the Department of Education; State Department, and The Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services, just to name a few.

Rick Perry is not a good debater.  Rick Perry is a good leader and a solid conservative.  If we can’t have all three in a candidate, I would rather have the guy who knows how to put conservative policies into action and show that they can work through example, rather than a candidate who can explain why conservative policies are great on paper, but never plans to implement them.  Showing that your policies work in practice and not just on paper, translates to any language: including Texan and Austrian, or anywhere else your trip on the Intercontinental Railroad will take you.

Can Perry best Obama in a debate?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that people are seeing that Obama’s policies don’t work, and that even Perry can show that his do.  People understand that.  What I also know is that when consevative policies are implemented and get the economy growing again, people aren’t going to remember what was said in some debate.

I will gladly pass over Rick Perry the next time I need to pick a debate partner.  I will gladly continue to support Rick Perry the next time I need to choose a president.

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