It's Time to Primary Trump's House Supporters

Of Trump’s 4 house endorsers, it looks like only one is being primaried, Scott DesJarlais.  I’ve attached a link to his opponents’ website, and encourage you to donate.  These are the four sellouts:

Duncan Hunter — CA 50th

Chris Collins — NY 27th

Tom Marino — PA 10th

Scott DesJarlais — TN 4th

From wikipedia:

DesJarlais is one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the 2016 cycle.[20] In January 2016, Politico rated Tennessee’s fourth district as one of the top five primary races to watch for 2016.[21] The conservative blog Power Line noted that “In terms of policy, DesJarlais isn’t a strong conservative.”.[22] Mark Levin‘s Conservative Review has said “DesJarlais puts forward a carefully orchestrated rhetorical mirage void of significant conservative principles,” and that “A more careful look at this record, however, reveals more than a few constitutional blind spots” noting his support for green energy subsidies to Solyndra and vote against a balanced budget amendment.[23]

In 2015, Grant Starrett, an attorney and conservative activist from Murfreesboro, announced he would challenge Scott DesJarlais in the Republican primary. Starrett raised $826,000 in the first six months of the race,[24] and garnered endorsements from conservative radio hosts Hugh Hewitt and Erick Erickson, and the conservative Power Line Blog.[25]

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