Todd Carson, Ben Akin

I was hoping that Ben Carson would run a strong campaign; I never thought he would win the Presidency in 2016 because it’s hard to go from rookie ball to the Dodgers without at least a stop in AA or AAA.  Had he run a great campaign he could have potentially been a great VP selection, one who could help create the free-market replacement for Obamacare, and one who could potentially give the GOP meager improvements with the black vote.   Even if the GOP garnered 15-20%, that would lock North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida for the GOP and give it a huge leg up in Ohio, and even give it a decent chance to win Michigan and perhaps Illinois.

This type of talk will ensure he competes with Mike Huckabee for the 5% of the GOP vote who thinks the principal problems facing the country are homosexuality and cuss words – this number may be higher in Iowa, but it’s unfortunate that Dr. Carson isn’t using his brilliance to advance a legitimate candidacy, which could potentially be a huge help to the conservative movement, the GOP, and the country.