Walker / Rubio Would Crush HRC, 352-186

The major factors that Walker/Rubio vs. HRC would have over Romney/Ryan vs. Obama/Biden are:

-Regional power and increased conservative turnout (see next analysis) in swing states: come home, Wisconsin (-6.7, +10 EV), Iowa (-5.6, 6 EV), Florida (-0.6, +29 EV). 287D-251R

-Increased conservative turnout: the base didn’t like Romney’s flip-flopping on everything from health care to abortion, problems that Walker/Rubio WILL not have.  Movement conservatives were excited about Ryan but few others, and he ended up adding zero to the ticket and may have hurt it with older voters, where the Dems attack on social security, albiet lies, bared fruit.  Come home Ohio (-1.9, +18 EV). 269-269; GOP win when vote goes to the House of Representatives.

-Decreased turnout of Obama’s liberal base, particularly young and african-american voters.   Come home, Virgina (-3.0, 13 EV). 282R-256D

-Bringing back the latino vote to W-2004 levels, or even surpassing those levels.  No more “self-deportation” moments or Tom Tancedo on stage for the debates.  Even the most anti-amnesty candidates in this year’s field know how to express their views in  a way that won’t lose the GOP an enormous share of the latino vote again, which is key in the following swing states: Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico.  Come home Colorado (-4.7, +9 EV), Nevada (-6.6, +6 EV), New Mexico (-9.9, +5 EV) 302R-236D

-Winning a higher share of the “up-for-grabs” low information voters.  A strong ideological message articulated well (on either side) wins these voters, that is why the lowinfos went for conservative Reagan but also for liberal Obama over “squishy” Romney.  Walker showed that he has some charisma articulating conservatism in Iowa and Rubio has always been overflowing with it.  W’s clarity on the War on Terror helped him with the low-information voters his 2004 re-election.  Combined with the above factors, come home Pennsylvania (-5.2, +20), Michigan (-9.5, +16), Minnesota (-7.7, +10), and New Hampshire (-5.8, +4).

Walker/Rubio 352, Hillary/Brown 186


[Note to the readers: I would prefer a Rubio/Walker ticket, because although I prefer an executive I believe that well-articulated charismatic conservatism is the most important factor in winning converts and the fact that Rubio is latino would win us converts in this gorwing demographic.  However, I do not believe Rubio as of now has a viable path to the nomination, and believe that Walker does; see this diary which received many recommendations and comments on that issue:

Do Rubio, Perry Have a Path?