How To Flip The Left's Script on "Climate Change"

The MSM is in the tank with the Democrats that climate change is man-driven and is a catastrophic threat.  Polls show that their biases have affected public opinion, unfortunately.  The good news is that they still have not affected public opinion to the degree that most Americans view it as a very pressing issue; it still ranks very low on the totum poll, BUT, if we don’t get ahead of this thing it could rise.  Especially if we have a couple more storms that the MSM blames on “man made climate change.”   A way to flip the script on this, and avoiding a YES/NO “trap” question from the media, is to say this: “the climate has changed before humans walked the Earth and is continuously changing.  Human activity can play a role in the speed or severity of this change, but the percentage of the change in climate that is based solely on human activity is widely disputed.  That percentage could as low as  2% or as high as 25%, or anywhere in between.  Certainly our activity is not as strong as natural factors such as – there is one called the sun, I’m not sure if you all have heard of it – and volcanoes and other naturally occurring phenomenon.  The Democrats propose solutions will kill jobs and raise taxes because these “solutions” do what democrat “solutions” always do: kill jobs and raise taxes (see: Obamacare).  If you tell me that our activity has more of an effect on climate change than the activity of the sun, I have a bridge to sell you.


[mc_name name=”Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”R000595″ ] fumbled on this a bit with the “I’m not a scientist.”  We’ve got to get ahead of the media “trap” questions, one by one.