What is an Agglomeration...a "Walkable Community" on a Continental level.


The above link is from one of the greatest patriots I have had the pleasure of “meeting” through the internet. She, and her research and blogging, were vital in getting ICLEI (an international group, affiliated with the UN, who promote walkable communities in the name of sustainable development) kicked out of their town in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago.

How did they do it? 

They Community Organized! They banded together and consistently had 200+ people show up at their City Council and County Commissioner meetings and demanded they leave ICLEI!

Way to go Shirl!

Please take some time to read through her article linked above. It once again shows how Sustainable Development is more than just environmentalism… it is Land Use Planning, Transportation Planning, Population Control, and HEALTHCARE rationing.

How else will they reduce the population to the levels they have stated we need without rationing healthcare?

Have you heard Glenn talking about China’s ghost cities? If not Yahoo search for them, it will baffle your mind. But they are not just an investment for China, they fit into a bigger plan called Agglomerations.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h7V3Twb-Qk (YouTube link to story on China Ghost Cities)

 Russia is doing it as well. Click here to read an article from the UK Telegraph detailing Russia’a plan to “redistribute” their population into 20 major urban centers, or agglomerations.

Never happen here right?

What was it Obama called for in his latest State of the Union speech? Infrastructure spending, and 80% of Americans having access to high-speed rail? It is just a couple of more “Stimulus Bills” away.

Do you think the lack of resolve from the US Congress on spending cuts thus far demonstrates they have the guts to stop this from happening?

Shirl’s article (linked at the top of post) provides clear evidence these agglomerations have been publically discussed  in the US since at least 2007!

Below is an introduction to her article:

“The National Bureau of Economic Research  (Massachusetts), conducted a two-day “Agglomeration Economics” conference in 2007.  The official conference report (edited by Edward Glaeser) was published in book form February 2010 by …. wait for it …. the University of Chicago Press.   The University has been actively publishing a multitude of other publications centering around globalization and agglomeration of the world’s population.”

Those of us who still believe we can restore our Country to one that operates under the rule of US Constitutional Law must fight, and it starts in your city or county. Your town or county is most likley involved in, depending on its population density, an MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) or an RPO (Rural Planning Organization). Through a “Consensus Approach” organizatoins like these represent an additional level “governace” between we the people, and our elected representatives, and that is never a good thing.

Begin doing research in your state, county, and city and find a copy of your Land Use Plan. I will bet dollars to doughnuts, if your county has a land use plan, it is written in such a way as to lay a foundation for Sustainable Development in your county.  You will not like what you read.

To understand how your elected officials could have ever thought a Land Use Plan that supports sustainable develpment made sense it will be helpful to have a brief introduction to this wicked ideology based in wealth-redistribution, social, and economic justice. The following links provide three 20 minute videos produced by Soverignty International that will make your land use plan come sharply into focus. 

http://www.sovereignty.net/Library/SD-1.htm video 1

http://www.sovereignty.net/Library/SD-2.htm video 2

http://www.sovereignty.net/Library/SD-3.htm video 3

From there, it is just a matter of gathering like-minded conservatives in your community to begin putting consistent pressure on your City Councils, County Commissioners, and State Legislators etc. to stop supporting these principles in your community.