Sustainability expert Andrew Winston:"The greening of the supply chain is the most important factor driving the sustainability agenda, and it is definitely not going away"

You can see the video of his speech here at Gaspee Gazette.

Mr. Winston states  “Wal-Mart is the most powerful company the world has ever seen, and in an effort to “green their supply chain” they are putting pressure on their suppliers to provide proof of their sustainability as a litmus test to doing business with Wal-Mart. He says this movement is “the force to watch” in the sustainability movement in corporate America.

Winston states, “Wal-Mart is asking some of their biggest suppliers to provide them with “the amount of energy it took to get this product to our shelves”…and that they will also “de-select suppliers who do not meet their carbon management criteria.”  

Mr. Winston also implies that many major corporations are doing the same. He states “IBM is demanding to its’ suppliers that they share their [sustainability] data” if they want to remain suppliers of IBM. Winston  quotes the CEO of Duke Energy, as having said, “If you’re not at the table, [becoming and discussing sustainability] you’re on the menu.” He also asserts that the automotive industry is doing the same.

I guess there is too much at stake for Big Corporate America to resist the “powerful forces” behind sustainability, as Wal-Mart’s Sustainability 2.0 Introduction video states.

Mr Winston states: “We WANT to raise the price of carbon, which WILL raise the cost of doing business for companies, no doubt.”

Why would companies ever want raise their cost of doing business? Because they play ball with these powerful forces, and raise their prices to compensate! Winston sites an HSBC Bank study that has estimated the market for climate change solutions will be $2 trillion by 2020.

As usual the love of money is the root of all evil!

Winston states, “A cap on carbon, has the same effect as a tax.”

Winston closes by pleading with his audience of industrial manufacturer’s to “Join this movement to help create more sustainable, healthy, and profitable compaines, commuinities, and country.”

Now I thought his speech was just about corporations? How does corporate America driving the sustainability agenda translate into communities and countries? Are you beginning to understand how “the most powerful company the world has ever seen” can almost singlehandedly usher in a new world order of sustainabilty? If you don’t ask me. The most important thing right now is that citizen’s of our local communities begin to connect the dots on the sustainability agenda, and begin to fight back.

 Please be sure to watch Wal-Mart’s Sustainability 2.0 Introduction Video