The Most Ignore–ant Government In U.S. History

When I was born, Give ‘em Hell Harry Truman was in the White House. That means I’ve experienced life in the U.S. under 12 different Presidents and I’ve had over six decades to learn about the Presidential Administrations that preceded the ones I’ve experienced first hand. Based on that education, I have to say that the Obama-led Sitting Government seems to be the most obvious in deliberately ignoring the will of the people they were elected to serve. Although Obama’s election is not quite a year old and his inauguration was just over nine months ago, there is already a litany of examples to illustrate this. However, I don’t think there is an example that is more obvious, nor more ominous, than the Obama administration’s current all-out campaign to marginalize Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer’s article on this topic is entitled “Fox wars”. Here, Krauthammer says that, in doing this, the current White House is “Seeking to deliberately undermine, delegitimize and destroy …” and he labels it as “Nixonian”. And, he goes on to note that Fox News, the target of this Nixonian attack, is in fact watched by more viewers than those of CNN and MSNBC combined and that in his opinion (an opinion I share) Fox News Special Report is “the best hour of news on television.” Krauthammer doesn’t go on to offer details of the purpose of this attack on this particular target. Perhaps, to most, it’s obvious. However, I think it’s quite important to shine the light of truth on these specifics as well.

To me, the overall goal seems like a common goal of a common Democrat Party tactic … instead of addressing a message they oppose, they blunt the message by marginalizing the messenger. This past Spring, I experienced this personally in a conversation with a Democrat friend during the time that Nancy Pelosi was claiming that the CIA lied to her. Rather than address the issue at hand – i.e., the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives was lying – my friend started talking about alleged lying by former Vice President Dick Cheney. Although I don’t accept that Cheney was guilty of the lying my friend alleged, so what if he was? That shouldn’t negate the seriousness of dishonest conduct on the part of our government officials … especially ones that are 2nd or 3rd in the United States presidential line of succession.


Of course, diminishing the message (the news) conveyed by Fox News is an issue of greater importance (by several orders of magnitude) over what happened in my conversation with my Democrat friend. Just the fact that Krauthammer pointed out … the fact that Fox News is watched by more viewers than those of CNN and MSNBC combined … makes this so. But, I don’t think it’s just the quantity of viewers involved here that makes this so important … of at least equal importance is considering who these viewers are. Although I don’t have hard statistics to back this up, I don’t think it’s hard for most to accept that, with those who have been involved in activities opposing key elements of the Obama administration’s agenda – i.e., activities like those of the Tea Party movement, a large majority look to Fox as a key source of news. In other words, the current White House wants to shut up those who oppose their agenda … they have done so as the Tea Party movement has developed and its coming to a crescendo in the attack on Fox News.


Finally, I think it is important to go beyond just considering the general purpose of this campaign against Fox News, to consider the specifics. The specifics are that “litany of examples” I mentioned at the outset. It ranges from the folly of Obama ignoring Petraeus and McChrystal on Afghanistan, to the chagrin of having the French chastise us for appeasement in foreign diplomacy, to ignoring the majority of American’s wishes on government-run healthcare, to nearly quintupling the federal budget deficit in less than a year, to …


So, what is the appropriate response to this Obama onslaught? Frankly, I think the response that Fox News has been making is just the right response. Considering all that’s at stake for them, as a result of this attack, I’m sure it’s been far from easy to not only refrain from “getting down in the dirt” with Obama and his followers, they haven’t even blinked. They have boldly continued to be just what they have always claimed to be … Fair and Balanced. My reason for emphasizing “boldly” is that I’ve noted, at the end of Fox News Special Report, the current host; Bret Baier has reinstituted the closing of his predecessor, Britt Hume, by saying, “Fair, Balanced and Unafraid!” I admire them for their stance and though I don’t generally think much of those who most Conservatives refer to as the MSM (mainstream media), I appreciate that “White House ‘pool’ news organizations” have been willing to take a stand on this with Fox News. As Americans, we really need to be able to depend on each other for that. Regardless of our differences, if anyone of us is come against with this sort of tyranny, its just as essential now as it was in 1776 for us to stand alongside our fellow Americans. So I want to encourage you, my fellow Americans … if you’re a regular viewer of Fox News, stick with them … if you’re a regular viewer of the MSM, take some time to check out Fox News and form your own opinion … and as we do this together, we can demonstrate that, as a people, we all strive to be “Fair and Balanced” and that one of the qualities we share that continues to define us, as Americans, is that we are, especially, “Unafraid!”