The Boston Tea Party Was One Great Step In The Birth Of Our Nation

It’s Time To Invest In The Next Great Step In Regaining Our Nation’s Bright Future


It has been marvelous to watch the Tea Party Movement that’s grown up across the U.S. this year. For me, it’s been a bit like being able to step into the pages of a U.S. History Book. Probably like most of you, I first heard the stories of the Patriots of the American Revolution when I was an elementary school kid and I wondered what it was “really like.” Thanks to this year’s Tea Party Movement, I have a better sense of what it was “really like” to be a part of a watershed event, leading up to the American Revolution … the Tea Party Movement’s namesake … The Boston Tea Party.


I think it’s fair to say that the Boston Tea Party was not the result of a group of people who were just looking for an excuse to overthrow British rule and establish their own country. In fact, it’s my understanding that, generally, American Colonists were OK with being British Subjects. If it wasn’t for certain ways in which the American Colonists felt that The Crown was dealing with them unfairly, we might all still be attending cricket matches instead of baseball games and singing “God Save The Queen” instead of “The Star Spangled Banner” … you may have noticed they use the same tune. But, there were those unfortunate “certain ways in which the American Colonists felt that The Crown was dealing with them unfairly” … the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, the Quartering Act, the Stamp Act, etc. resulted in more and more organized colonial protest and the Tea Act led to the hallmark protest we know and honor as The Boston Tea Party.


The parallels between The Boston Tea Party and today’s Tea Party movement are striking. When you look at the actions of our sitting government, that the Tea Party Movement has protested … the Federal Budget, the ARRA, the National Debt, Tax Increases, Nationalization of major business entities, etc. … the similarities are obvious.


Sadly, it seems that those of us, who align with the spirit of the Tea Party Movement, are at a point of confronting another great similarity with The Boston Tea Party … in spite of our vigorous protestations, the sitting government is ignoring us. In the 1700s, in the face of Colonial opposition, the British continued to pass Colonial Act after Colonial Act and to turn aside the Colonial opposition, including the “turning aside” known as The Boston Massacre. Today, heedless of months of Tea Parties and Town Halls, where present day Patriots have stood up and said “Forbear!”, the Obama-led sitting government seems determined to proceed with their self-absorbed partisan agenda, while using various disparaging labels to describe Today’s Patriots.


The obvious question about our current state of affairs is, “What do we do next?!” To answer this, I think we can, again, look to the actions of the Patriots of the American Revolution. When, in their minds, they had “bent over backwards” to give the sitting government every opportunity to listen to them and to respond by dealing with them fairly, they began to invest themselves in next-steps they believed would achieve the results they had in mind. Namely, they began developing the First Continental Congress and they began preparing for war. Before going on, let me be clear that I’m not in favor of Today’s Patriots completely emulating the actions of the Patriots of the American Revolution … especially the “war” part. I’m certainly not in favor of that and I don’t want to even hint that and invite my fellow countrymen who work at the FBI to come visit me. But, I do think Today’s Patriots would be wise to follow the general example of the Patriots of the American Revolution – i.e. When it became obvious that the wealthy and powerful organization they had established for organized protest was continuing to be ignored, they determined different next-steps where they could invest the resource they had created in order to actually effect change.


Thankfully, there are encouraging signs that today’s Tea Party Movement is recognizing the need for “different next-steps.” With the Tea Party Movement in my own backyard, I’ve noticed: A very successful Labor Day event was held in Portland, today an impressive Vancouver-Portland Patriot Rally is being held, in two weeks there will be a Glenn Beck event at Safeco Field in Seattle and at the beginning of October there will be an “Open Candidate Call” in Beaverton. It’s this last event that I find most encouraging. Its not “just another tea party” and in fact, it seems like it may be an example of the direction I believe the Tea Party Movement should take next. My fear is that, if the Tea Party Movement was to just continue having more tea parties, that might continue to be good fodder for radio and TV Talk Show Hosts and a few personalities might be raised up along the way who will get their “15 minutes of fame” but in the end we won’t have raised up a “Revolution Army of Alternative Candidates” who have Servant’s Hearts, whose central desire is to take their turn at Representing us in D.C. More specifically, my fear is that if we don’t invest in this way, the alternatives we will end up with will face the Career Politicians of the sitting government, who will beat them like a drum.


In summary, then, I want to say: I’m very thankful for what the Tea Party Movement has accomplished and I truly admire those who have invested themselves in this, to the benefit of us all. My recommendation and hope and prayer is that this rich resource will now be invested in leveling the playing field between those who truly want to Represent us (and who are truly qualified to do so) versus the incumbent Career Politicians of the sitting government, who can continue to ignore us, while having access to the tremendous resources of the offices they hold.