Gary Stein, Armed Forces Tea Party

Today has been a long long and I am finally home. So here are some updates

I am currently under a Marine Corps investigation on my unit’s level. I am being investigated for making “disloyal comments” about Obama. Further more It is being investigated if am allowed to be the moderator of Armed Forces Tea Party. Although the marine Corps will not officially confirm this for some reason or another. I have been getting questioned about this for since Friday and was just read my rights today… weird. Also I have not been give a copy of the screen shot (evidence) they have with the comments I made…When asked today by officer if I would follow that order if give, I said that is not a lawful order so I would not and will not.

At this time the Marine Corps has not officially charged me but can in the coming day. If they so choose I will take the fight for my right to Freedom of Speech to them and will not give up. We must stand up for our rights at every cost just like our founding fathers did so. If we choose not to act our rights will be taken from us.

The comments that started this were “Me, as an active duty Marine, screw Obama and I will not follow (unlawful) orders give by him.” I do believe that I cold have made it more clear on what I meant and possibly used different words and my words can be taken out of context if the whole disscussion from that forum was not read (which it was not all given the Marine Corps). Their were also comment about how I believe Obama is a economic enemy, as his polices are crippling the economic… He is a enemy of the Constitution, as Obamacare and the Contraception mandate are unconstitutional. I do believe the policies he as set forth during his time in office has proven this. This comment I will stick to.

Military members are encouraged to voice their rights as Americans but to do it peacefully and not in a wreck less way. You have rights and make sure no one tell you other wise! You must stand for your rights! I believe that an informed voting electorate is the absolute best way to affect long-term, positive, deep-rooted change in the country. Obama’s election is banking on the fact that there are more people who’d rather sit around and do nothing — become wards of the state, become totally dependent on him — than there are people who would like to seek their dreams, be the best they can be, go out and pursue happiness, to stand up for their rights and defend the Constitution.