Dumb Down Healthcare Reform

Wood is brown… Think about it… It is… now technically it might different shades of brown but none the less it brown… This is something I told my fellow Marines while teaching them about Meteorology. Sometimes if you over think  about something all you do is confuse yourself and make it harder then it has to be. This is what the government has done with healthcare. We have over thought, and over fought it.

The first thing that needs to be done to fix the problem is to repeal Obama care. Obama care is over thought, over written, 1,147,271 word political statement. Passed by people who didn’t read, fought by people who don’t believe it and paid for by tax payers that can’t afford it.

What the government had forgot about is a multibillion dollar industry emulated by talked lizards and ducks. The America car insurance industry. A industry that works, that puts thousands of people to work from the agent that sells it to you to the doctor that heals you. Healthcare reform can be and needs to be closely modeled after it.

Now I understand that Healthcare and car care are different… but a big part of the Car Insurance industry is working in the healthcare. Car insurance compaines are paying everyday for healthcare caused by car accidents… they have half the battle figured out.

We need to get government out of Healthcare… let the great American Insurance industry embrace it with out Government acting as a big brother. Open up free markets…. no boundaries… If you live in California and want to buy healthcare from a company based in Texas, because TX has made it cheaper for that company to operate cheaper thus making it cheaper for you, them you buy it from them.

Politics makes real “Healthcare Reform” a bigger issue then its has to because it secures votes.

As an active duty Marine I have seen first hand the what government run healthcare is. Its enough to keep you breathing. Although major combat injuries are being treated with a high level of care its the everyday injuries that are hurting. Its the injuries that could be fixed but are not because it is not in the best interest of the doctor or military, not the patient. It’s the bare minimum… it’s socialist healthcare at its best.