Tea Party Standing Divided


Tonight Liberals everywhere are going to sleep with smile on their face for the first time in a while. They are falling asleep this way because headlines today were focused on the battling between to major groups in the Tea Party Movement. They fall asleep this way because for the first time they see the Tea Party dividing against one another. Liberals need this… They need us to be divided; they want you to be angry at each other.

As said in an earlier post, we here at the Armed Forces Tea Party realize as individuals, but mostly as a group, and as a grass roots movement, we must stand together. We must realize that we can not let things like race stand between us. We must remember that the Tea Party is bigger then you and I. Its bigger then the Armed Forces Tea Party, its bigger then the Tea Party Patriots or the Tea Party Express. We must preserve what the Tea Party stands for. It’s about the People. The People of the country and what it means to be an American.

So tonight we ask you to take a step back and remember what brought you to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Americans at Tea Party rallies and at meetings across the country. Step back from the headlines, turn of your TV, log off your Facebook accounts and just take 5 minutes to remember how great it feels to be an American, and how lucky we are to be living in America. Then remember if we want the next generation to have that same feeling and that same fire in their hearts as we do, we must stand together, not divided. We are the ‘No Longer Silent Majority’

Gary Stein
Armed Forces Tea Party